Top 8 Artificial Intelligence Technologies to Know in 2022

Artificial Intelligence has changed our lifestyles by developing it to a higher standard. AI has made a revolution in every industry that has a massive impact on human beings. Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence technologies have helped us deal with various pandemics, regenerate global recession and enhance medical ideologies flawlessly.

AI technologies have provided us robotics, drones, virtual reality, internet voice search, advanced data analysis techniques. Nowadays, many new and innovative technologies are being added to artificial intelligence regularly. These technologies are proficient enough to transform the world despite any crisis with their all-new mechanisms.

However, the AI process allows applying human intelligence in machines to reduce our workload, consumable time, and as well physical efforts. We will discuss the top eight Artificial Intelligence technologies that have improved our lifestyle conveniently in the following article. reach out to here for best artificial intelligence recruitment to know how AI has made its pathway towards a new world of inventions.

1. Speech recognition system

Speech recognition is crucial evidence of the greatest Artificial Intelligence technology. It helps to transform human speech into a recognizable format of computers. Therefore, speech recognition technology correlates the interaction procedure between human beings and computers. This technology is capable of understanding and transforming human speech into various languages. Google Assistant of Google and Siri of iOS are the best examples of speech recognition.

Nowadays, speech recognition is used in several industries to communicate with computers conveniently. Besides, most of the mobile phone manufacturers have included this speech recognition facility in their devices.

2. BrainBox AI

BrainBox AI is another level advanced technology that uses self-adapting AI technology. This artificial intelligence technology optimizes the energy consumption of buildings by reducing their energy costs up to 25%. The AI engine of BrainBox AI works with self-operated buildings that do not need any human involvement for activation.

With the help of deep learning, cloud-based analysing strategy, and automation mechanism, BrainBox AI can optimize the heating, ventilation, and as well air-conditioning system of any building efficiently. Moreover, it helps to reduce the carbon footprint drastically and can help us out of the current crisis.

3. Virtual agents support

Virtual agents are becoming very useful for instructional designers these days. However, a virtual agent is basically a computer programming that can communicate with humans. You must have seen that various e-commerce websites and mobile applications come up with chatbots. These chatbots act as customer service agents and help to resolve all the customers’ queries efficiently.

customer service artificial intelligence

As an example, Alexia from Amazon can assist you in making your shopping easy. On the other hand, Google Assistant can answer your queries conveniently without any delay. Sometimes these virtual agents can be used as language assistants also.\

4. AI Database (NoSQL)

NoSQL database is used by many reputed websites for better performance capabilities. This mechanism is capable of managing and monitoring large-sized data at ease. Besides, the NoSQL database is designed to control the data consistency limitation. Moreover, this highly functional database also helps to monitor low latency and flexible data models of several websites and can introduce it according to the users’ demand.

Mobile or web applications that need flexibility and high-performances are operated with NoSQL Database for better user experiences.

5. Machine learning

Machine learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence technologies. It helps machines to accumulate various data sets and analyze the best results without being programmed. Many industries and businesses are taking the help of machine learning technology these days to make proper decisions. The use of algorithms and statistical data analysis is mainly responsible for its success.

binary deep learning

Apart from that, healthcare and medical organizations are implementing machine learning technology to evaluate patients’ data. These analyses help them to predict diseases and how they can be cured. Besides, machine learning technology is essential for banking and financial authorities to prevent fraudulence by evaluating customer’s data.

6. Cyber protection

Cyber defense is one of the best artificial intelligence technologies available at present. It is a computer mechanism that detects fraudulence, virus, mitigates attacks, and helps computers to prevent all these threats relevantly.

Cyber defense is a self-operated AI mechanism. It is performed by neural sequencing networks and machine learning technology to disclose suspicious cyber activity and prevent cyber-attacks. This AI technology is used in various banking sectors, investigation & army departments, high-class industries, etc.

7. Automation of Robotic processes

It is an artificial intelligence application that configures a robot to impersonate human tasks and automate them. This software application is used to clarify, communicate and evaluate data.

AI Robotics

Hence, you should know that robotic process automation, such as surgical robots, is not utilized to replace humans. They are here to support and enhance humans’ talent and skills only. This artificial intelligence technology allows automation of repetitive manual operations.

8. AI hardware

Nowadays, the requirement for artificial intelligence software has increased massively in the modern business industries. That’s why the demand for AI optimized hardware also increased as it can support AI software conveniently. A typical silicon chip will not be able to support AI models.

top AI tech

Therefore, companies and business industries are investing more to prepare a developed AI application for a new generation. The artificial intelligence optimized hardware includes a special silicon chip, neuromorphic chip, and CPUs for AI-based workloads.

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