Web App, Hybrid App Or Native App: A Guide To Mobile App Development

Web app or website application software program developed to specific tasks on web-based technology. Most of the web applications on the market focus solely on web design or prototyping capabilities with the aim of providing the best user experience on the web or even on their smartphones. But how do you know which mobile app type is best for your business: web app development, Native app, or Hybrid app development?

Knowing which type of web app will suit you and your business best is a challenging task. Developing a target mobile application is a daunting task but deciding which type of mobile app you want for your business is even more difficult. A mobile app development company considers a lot of factors while developing an app, such as your business type, target audience, competitors level, client’s requirements, etc. all these factors will give you a basic idea about the requirement and help you proceed further. In this article, we have listed the three most common web app development types if you’re searching for the best mobile app development approach.

guide to mobile app development

What is web app development?

Web applications are very different from the original site, even when compared to the mobile version. This is a completely redesigned, one might even say a specially created version of the web resource. Available for mobile devices only.

The process of creating a web app is very different from a website and requires special skills and coding language. Most web application development involves a set of procedures that define problems, create a framework, choose the right tool and techniques, and build and test.

It is more convenient and easily accessible even where websites fail to communicate. Users can use apps to develop, read, upgrade, and erase data when not needed.

What is native app development?

Native app development is the process of building web applications for a particular operating system to meet its requirements. It is a more dedicated form of app development especially designed and developed for mobile operating systems such as the App Store and Google Play. By installing these apps from their app store, you can easily access them by just clicking on their terms and conditions and privacy policies.

Skilled app developers only create these apps to provide the best user experience and best performance. Native apps are more secure and reliable as compared to other web applications. These mobile applications are designed to handle mass inputs and outputs with a smooth user interface.

What is hybrid app development?

As the name suggests, hybrid app development is the hybrid of two application types, i.e. Web app and Native app specially built for both mobile device platforms and iOS and Android. Designing native applications required special skills and knowledge about special programming languages.

Native app development offers three choices to design applications; they can either develop a dedicated mobile application for iOS and Android or use a cross-platform framework to create apps differently for each platform. These apps help businesses to their target audience by providing full access to their device’s features, including camera, GPS or address books. The application also collects these details to provide the best user experience and smooth flow of information.

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A Guide To Mobile App Development

  1. Responsive Design: the primary purpose of developing a web application is to provide the best user experience to your customers, and for that, you consider design responsiveness on top.
  2. App Speed: Speed is a vital app development factor that you need to keep in mind while developing applications for mobile devices. If you want your customers to use your web application, make sure your web application loads fast and successfully provides solutions to your customer’s query.
  3. User-friendly User Interface: User interface or UI is the appearance of your mobile application. Designing creative and user-friendly User Interfaces into your application motivates users to browse apps and perceive your services.
  4. Quality: Always keep the quality of your web applications top-notch. Remember that your web applications represent your brand and business, so to maintain your brand value and increase business credibility, consider quality your top priority while designing for iOS or Android.

Final thought

Each of the web app development options has its advantages and disadvantages. The only correct decision you can make when choosing a way to adapt your website or landing page for mobile devices is to conduct split testing. See how your users behave on the resource and develop the most convenient option for your target audience.

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