Why Node JS is Good for Backend Development?

Until now, JavaScript is the only preferred language for backend development. It was mostly used by enterprises for top-level web-backend development. The reason was really simple, JavaScript is fast and robust for creating backend. Initially, JavaScript was a programming language made for developing web and mobile applications. Backend development in WordPress is a relatively new concept when compared to other backend technologies. But there’s a lot of additional metrics and features that encourage users to choose node.js as once they look for nodejs development company.

Below is the list of features and functionalities that makes Nodejs one of the best technology to be used as the backend of an application.

Why Nodejs is good for backend development?

Nodejs is highly comparative with other technologies when it comes to selecting for backend technology.

Nodejs is mainly used due to the following

  • It is a server framework.
  • It is open-source in nature.
  • It is suitable for different platform build-ups.

The backend of any application is one of the major things that developers highly rely on. Hence, choosing the right technology for backend development is crucial in order to develop a bug-free web and mobile application. Developers pay attention to it and want to utilize it fully for any web build-up.

1. Real-time request handling

Node.js is great while handling the real-time request coming from the server. It works efficiently in providing all the necessary resources. the collection and visualization of data are extremely efficient and speedy while presentation.

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2. Native JSON

Json is fast and reliable as it present and saves data in native JSON format. It makes the backend more concise and convenient than any other event-based environment.

3. Developers Community

The nodejs development service is also rising due to the large community of Nodejs developers. These developers provide their continuous support and effort in solving the bugs of nodejs. The developer community puts time into solving the bugs coming with each stage.

4. Higher performance

Applications backend developed with nodejs comparatively provides higher performance than other technologies. There’s ample room for future development and scaling the application without putting too much effort into the entire coding architecture. It makes nodejs a preferred choice, for developing the backend for software and web application.

5. Streaming services

For streaming services, the input-output model works like a charm. It doesn’t take much time to download, upload or stream the data, making it the most affordable option for any backend development.

6. Chat system

Nodejs when connected to the right web sockets, chat systems work smoother than any other technology. Nodejs makes it function as expected to maintain great efficiency and real-time delivery of the query/message outputs by bots as well as a real person.

7. Online games

Online games are one of the most complex things where multiple requests need to be handled with fewer run-time environments. Thankfully Nodejs works extremely well to handle multiple requests at once. With the help of nodejs backend, one can easily make the game that can be played by multiplayer mode.

8. Single page application support

This feature is big as the content is rendered first on the server rather than simply being displayed on the browser. This makes the user experience good as the user tends to get the content faster than other applications.  This feature is most compared to react js and angular.

Why Node JS is Good for backend Development

9. Speedy development

Node.js is faster than most of the rivals in terms of speedy development procedures. It is far from security and development lag. The development procedure is quite handy and of higher turnaround time.

10. Rich Ecosystem

Npm (Node package manager) is the default marketplace for JavaScript tools, making it one of the most sought technology. Till now it has more than 350k tools in its registry while 10k+ tools are being added every single day. With this tool advantage, the node has become a preferred path for backend development.


Going through the above benefits of nodejs development for backend architecture, one should surely choose nodejs development services for application-backed development. Nodejs is robust, secure, performance-filled, and best suited for developing a backend of web or mobile app.

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