Top 7 AI Strategy Tips That Buck Common Wisdom

A few decades back, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was just a myth, let alone its application in industries. However, today, it has officially entered the system, and the evolution is happening rapidly. According to a survey by O’Reilly, around 85% of the sectors belonging to various fields like automobile, medical, construction, recruitment, business management and many more have adopted AI technology and are working towards enhancing it further. A majority of the application is in recruitment, where AI is used for analysis, as said by the best AI recruitment agency.

The concept related to the implementation of AI is somewhat different from the approach of IT organizations in the past. The procedures and best practices that are generally used to evaluate, test, implement and scale non-learning systems may not have a positive outcome and even backfire in some cases. The article contains some tips that contradict the standard approaches, which will push your AI efforts forward.

The Important AI Strategy Tips

Below is the list of seven unconventional tips that will boost your efforts towards AI-fiction of your industry.

1. Take it Slow

Some organizations rush towards implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to gain more profits for the enterprise. This approach can prove to be very dangerous if unchecked. The majority of the professionals in AI development say that modern AI scores high in terms of IQ but has a low EQ. Therefore, if the approach is made in a hurry, the results can be harmful. The data generated from AI should be carefully analyzed by possessing human emotions, then only fruitful results can be expected, as said by Dr. Jerry A. Smith.

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2. Emphasize skills and culture

It is not advisable to forget about the human factor present for the proper functioning of AI. Companies often turn their back toward the people and culture to grab the first position in the race of innovation and technological advancements, which doom them to fail in the run. To drive success in AI, new skill sets are required, along with a culture that can foster the adoption of AI and Machine Learning (ML). The strategy towards success with AI lies in creating a perfect balance.

3. Plan for Duplication

The companies aiming for AI integration within the firms need to start analyzing the case in mind. A perfect AI system development is a typical case of iterations, where continuous data engineering and development of various models occur. These critical organizations put time and effort into both SQL and programmatic access.

4. Tackle the Scale

Companies tend to leverage few models in the early stage of implementing AI and create barriers using fixed data groups. But soon, with the efforts for quick expansion, the scenario becomes less manageable.

With hundreds of models at disposal, the data science team encounters numerous production criteria and multiple authoring environments, which pose challenges as the success gains momentum. You should be ready to handle the sheer volume of data and models to keep up with the increased demands.

5. Understand the biases

It is easy to understand the relation between the input and output, for the case of AI. Many developers emphasize the AI being unbiased. They want to make sure that the AI they develop is not biased when generating results. This is why a lot of people pressurize AI for biases.

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However, an important fact is ignored, that the humans responsible for the development may themselves be biased. Get your hands around the component of human intelligence, and ensure the person responsible for model development isn’t biased.

6. Avoid data scientists

AI systems are built to augment humans. AI, which supports and assists human beings, needs to have humans and human behavior in focus. The people who understand human behavior and how they interact in society are psychologists and sociologists, not data scientists, who crunch numbers. So, leaving your AI development to data scientists alone may be a bad idea.

7. Prepare and explanation

New techniques related to Explainable AI (XAI) are becoming a mainstream phenomenon in modern times. These techniques enable humans to trust, understand, and manage the AI application more efficiently. This results in a change in the regulatory audits process done by some IT firms. They ask for details like AI-model training runs, specific data sets, evaluation of algorithms, etc., to be stored for future reference. So, get ready for the explanation of all the related questions.

Benefits of AI for industries

Artificial Intelligence is the new hot topic for industries and businesses around the world. Many companies take the AI approach to reduce the operating cost, increase working efficiency, higher the revenues and improve customer experience. The right approach and implementation of AI help them to achieve these targets.

The deployment of AI has benefited the industries to save time and money by optimizing the automatic processes. There is higher productivity due to improved operational efficiencies. It helps in the recruitment process for many best AI recruitment agency, and much more. But, all this depends on implementing the right approach to Artificial Intelligence.


Sometimes following the general approach will provide you with results, but to achieve great results, you need to follow the counterintuitive tips for AI integration. The best AI recruitment agency followed the unconventional approaches to diversify itself from the pack, this time you do it too.

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