7 Best Things About Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

From Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana to autonomous vehicles, there has been a rapid growth in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The scope for innovation and development in AI is enormous, and it will continue to change the world in different ways in the future.

Artificial Intelligence is used to build bots, tools, and robots that can mimic human behavior and act on a human’s basis. Tesla’s self-driving cars, Amazon Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, and Siri are a few examples of Artificial intelligence technologies. The impact of AI on our lives is enormous. Artificial Intelligence has the power to make human life so easy that you cannot even imagine.

The advantages of Artificial intelligence are enormous and can revolutionize any industry.

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1. Takes risks instead of humans

It is one of the biggest benefits of Artificial intelligence. We can overcome many risky situations by developing Artificial Intelligence Robots, which can do all the risky & dangerous work for humans.

Let it be defusing a bomb, exploring the deepest parts of oceans, mining for coal and oil, or going to Mars. Artificial Intelligence can be used efficiently in any kind of situation, be it man-made or natural disasters.

2. Available 24×7

An average human can merely work for 6-9 hours a day, and on top of it, humans need to get some time out for refreshing themselves. Humans also weekend off to stay intact with their work-life and personal life. But using AI, machines work 24x7x365 without any breaks, and they would not even get bored, unlike humans. It can immensely help the customer service industry and helpline centers.

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3. Reduction in human error

Humans make mistakes from time to time. Most of the time humans repeat the same mistakes again and again. Computers, however, do not make any mistakes if programmed accordingly. Using Artificial Intelligence, the decisions are taken on the basis of previously collected information; So errors can be considerably reduced, and the work can be done with greater precision. 

4. Faster decisions

Using Artificial Intelligence alongside other technologies can make machines take faster decisions than any human being and carry out the tasks much quicker.

Though there is a little disadvantage, while a human will analyze many factors both emotionally and practically, the Artificial Intelligence-powered machine only takes account of what it is programmed for.

5. Medical advances

The use of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sector is becoming more and more popular these days. For instance, Remote Patient Monitoring Technology, allows healthcare providers to perform clinical diagnoses without even requiring the patient to visit the hospital in-person. Another such advancement is that the doctors can predict breast cancer in the woman at earlier stages using advanced Artificial Intelligence-based technologies.

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Artificial Intelligence can also help monitor the progression of deadly diseases and even predict their future effects and outcomes.

6. Helping in repetitive jobs

In our day-to-day work, we perform a lot of repetitive tasks like sending emails, designing proposals, and many other things. With the help of artificial intelligence, we can automate these monotonous and boring tasks. 

7. Making customer experience greater

With the help of Artificial Intelligence platforms, retailers can drive a customer towards buying the product using recommendation engines. Recommendation engines are made up of deep learning and machine learning algorithms and are designed in such a way that they can keep a track record of customer’s behavior, analyze their consumption patterns, and give them suggestions based on this data.

For example, when you shop on Amazon you see a lot of product recommendations related to the product that you have been searching for.

It is happening with the help of Recommendation Engines using the KNN Algorithm.

This way consumers can find a wide variety of products, and the retailers get the chance to sell more products.


If I must sum up all the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, I will say, machines have the power to do tasks at a far greater speed, with more precision. But we are still far from the days when machines will be able to mimic humans completely.

Though some people argue that Artificial Intelligence will replace a lot of job roles. But it will increase the overall productivity.

Each passing day Artificial Intelligence is growing by leaps and bounds to automate daily tasks while being agile and driving sustainability for businesses.

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