Top 7 Virtual Networking Event Ideas for Your Company

During the global pandemic, many different domains have shifted to virtual networking as a substitutional choice to face-to-face interactions. Entrepreneurs started to use the internet to communicate and expand their connections. With virtual networking, they can exchange knowledge, grab more opportunities and introduce new perspectives from others virtually. However, effective virtual networking requires effort, time, and creativity.

If you are hunting for ways to build virtual networking events, you have arrived at the right destination. Here we will discuss top virtual networking events and how they can be executed. So hire a top mobile app development company to create a virtual networking app like Zoom. As we are sure that by the end of this blog, you will feel inspired and want to execute your special online networking events as soon as possible, and they could help you execute your unique plan.

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Before we jump to virtual business networking events, we shall discuss the tips related to online networking during virtual events. Below are some tips that you should keep in mind to have effective virtual event activities:

  • Publicize your attendance pre-and post-event
  • Make your attendees register for the event from a guide/mobile app
  • Establish your sets of goals before your virtual events
  • Gather the whole list of attendee before the virtual networking events
  • Get active on social media (use hashtags, tag people, advertise)
  • Share insightful comments on the event platform
  • Engage in real-time communication with your attendees during your presentation
  • Participate in virtual event activities
  • Share interesting, informative, and unique thoughts
  • Be a part of a virtual hangout event
  • Create shareable visuals, videos, and marketing collateral
  • Set an appropriate time for your event
  • Follow-up with your new connections

Top 5 Virtual Networking Events Ideas

Here is the list of top virtual networking event ideas, which include inspiration from different industries you can understand and implement in your own virtual business networking events. Now let’s start with the best, unique online networking events ideas.

1. Real-Time Illustrations During Sessions

The artists coming on-board to develop real-time illustrations, also known as digital live scribing, is an amazing way to engage and entertain your audience with exceptional types of content. These proficient artists build their artwork live while the panel discussion is going on.

It parallelly provides the graphical representation of takeaway and speakers, which are engaging, entertaining, informative, and the most essential of all, it is widely shareable and potable. These virtual event activities can be further used for future marketing.

2. AI-Generated Connection Recommendations

Virtual networking is one of the difficult aspects to get appropriate during online networking events. Recommendations generated from AI are for those who connect based on common interests and experiences. IT can be a useful feature to assure that attendees are connecting and having successful virtual networking. People can’t run towards each other or interact in online networking events, which they can do in physical events.

So regularly prompting the audience with suggestions will help keep them engaged and assure that they achieve the most out of the event. Many top mobile app development companies integrate this feature so that they can have an eye out while they consider your options.

3. Improv Comedy

An improv comedy performance is an entertaining way to keep your attendees engaged. Improve is a live comedy, and you can choose some interactive themes from your event and drive them into your performance, making it unique.

A quite known virtual submit (Hybrid) brought NYC’s Premiere hip=hip team to the North Coast for a live performance. To make it interactive, personalized, and entertaining, North Coast asked the audience various questions about their favorite part of these virtual networking events. Before the show even took off, attendees enjoyed a lot reminiscing about special moments in the chat box. When the time arrived for North Coast’s performance, it delivered personalized hip-hop and dug out unique experiences attendees, which was previously mentioned.

4. Speed Networking

Speed networking offers attendees to interact with each other for a short period to make informal connections. Attendees are collaborated in private rooms for conversing that can be further rotated to ensure they can make multiple connections. It allows them to interact with different people, make connections, collaborate, and engage at the same time.

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Set a specific time for attendees to join the activities and then associate with each other and share contact information during their conversations. For grabbing the best results for your virtual networking events, use a platform that allows your audience to follow up with each other as it would turn out to be productive.

5. Pre-Event Chat Rooms

If your event includes anything related to any chat or social feed activities, then enable it much before the event starts. The audience can start introducing and have a healthy virtual networking event. A specific part of the value for virtual platforms is that they can entertain and engage their audience not just during the event but before and after the event.

Initiating communication channels between audiences much before the event starts can help build community in the event and help people be comfortable with the ones they are attending the virtual networking events.

6. Virtual Dinner Parties

Since it is impossible to have an in-person meeting during the COVID 19 pandemic, you can plan for a virtual lunch/dinner party instead. Aside from the meals or coffee, the vital element in this virtual networking is, eating together and having a perfect opportunity to discuss work, interests, and hobbies with your community. To make these virtual networking events more fun, you can send a meal to your participants’ door one hour before the scheduled time.

EatNGage is a video conferencing software that lets its users share their ideas and presentations over meals, interact with the audience, and have meals from the convenience of their offices or homes. A virtual dinner party can turn out to be an effective option as with this; you don’t have to think about parking, decorations, set up, location, and convenience of meals.

7. Event Gamification

Gamification is a virtual networking event idea that can publicize engagement while developing your professional activities. Integrating game mechanics in your program can encourage audience participation. Hosting small meetings in virtual events can keep your audience engaged and assign it to a selected moderator who manages time effectively and lets the conversation flow.

By rewarding winners, you can boost the fun, and it simultaneously boosts excitement and energy levels in the competitions. While the online networking activities are going on, you can recognize those who gained new connections or have attended the virtual networking events multiple times with game elements.


Virtual networking events allow their audience to meet and develop connections within a short span of time. With these virtual event activities, you can organize virtual business networking events wherein participants will be paired in private rooms to have a productive conversation. Remember the tips mentioned above related to online networking during virtual events.

Your online networking goes smoothly and turns out to be productive for your business and audiences if you have any virtual networking events idea popping up in your mind. Contact a top mobile app development company now, share your idea, and they will help you develop a mobile app that meets your specifications and turns out to be engaging and user-friendly for your users.

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