A Comprehensive Comparison of Mobile and Wall LED Screens

Talking about the LEDs screens, the first thing that came into our minds is their different types that we can use as per our needs. There was a time when there is no such versatility available in the market. You just used the black and white display. And also, you can watch videos on them.

With the advancement of technology, there are now lots of options available in the market to avail. From the colored LEDs screen to the High-Definition (HD) colored display, you can avail yourself of all options. In addition, there are lots of other different types of LEDs screens that we can use whether for the event or at home.

Despite the difference in LED screen models, there are two types of it that we can avail of. One is LED screens for the walls and the second is the mobile LED screens. In this article, we will make a comparison of mobile and hangable LED screens so that we can make full knowledge about them.

In other words, we will find out which will be the best option for a specific event. So, to make a piece of full guidance. Let’s make the debate on it so that things get clearer for us. And we can make full supervision of using these LEDs.

Know About Hangable LED Screen

When we talk about wall LEDs, they have plenty of advantages. For instance, if you are running a studio in a downtown city or a hotel. These LEDs make an impactable sense to your customers. With these LEDs screens, you can not only advertise your services but also, can present your agenda. These LED screens are used in different areas. Let’s check out their different use in different fields of life.

hangable LED screen

1. Corporate Event Use

When we talk about the use of LED screens in the events of corporates, they play an essential part in it. With the use of wall LEDs, you can make your corporate events astonishing. In addition, if you want to make an impact on your officials, you can do it with the use of these LEDs. There was a time when you just can buy them. But for now, with the advancement of technology, you can hire them not only at ease but also with affordability.

So, make sure this thing is for your event when you have a limited budget for it. But, if you want to buy them, you must know a comparative price of them. To get an idea of it, let us discuss it.

Well, like other electronic devices related to the display, the price of a wall LED depends on the following points.

2. Price Factors OF LEDs

  • Pixel’s density or you can say that pixel per square inch.
  • LED’s display size matters a lot. Lower the size reduces the price.
  • The design influences the price for most. Curved, transparent, or flat designs are available in the market that you can choose as per your need.
  • Installation easiness matters a lot in their prices. ‘
  • The video processing speed of LEDs makes a huge difference between the high and low prices them.

The above-mentioned points are those that decide about the price of a wall LED price. Well, they can be a thing of money spend highly. But, thanks to the service providers that make this thing easy for us. We can rent them from the market at affordable prices. So, there is no need of buying these wall LEDs when you have a tight budget for your event.

3. Fashion Show Events

A fashion show event is some kind of an event that needs to look perfect and impactable. That’s why things should be clearer and presentable. To make this thing happen, the led video wall hire London play an essential part. With these screens, the picture of the designer’s outlets gets more visible. We can say that these LEDs play an important role in the success of a fashion show event. Then why not have them in it? Indeed, you should not avoid such a facility.

We were discussing wall LEDs, now let’s make a debate on mobile LED screens so that things get clear.

Know About Mobile LEDs

We live in the age of advanced technology. Every aspect of our life has now become modernize with this approach. Human preferences are also changing due to this reason. We all wanted to have easiness and mobility in our works so that we can save time. This saved time can be used in many other things. Like you can go on a trip with your family.

In other words, we can say that we all prefer mobility in our jobs. That’s why the mobile LEDs plays an essential part in our life to make our events a successful one. There are lots of benefits to having mobile LEDs. To get the knowledge about them, let us make a debate on them.

mobile LED screen

1. Saves Your Time and Efforts

When we hire these mobile LEDs from the service providers, things are already done by them. Like attachment of LED panels with the frame. You just have to place them in their right place and just so. You can use them where you want to.

There is no need to specify the place of their placing. This approach not only saves your time but also can make you safe from any ambiguity. So, make sure to have them for your convenience.

2. Gives Your Event a Smart Look

Everybody wants to attend those events that are advanced and technology-oriented. The mobile LEDs allow you to do so not only at ease but also, you can make an impact on your attendees of an event with them. This attribute makes them a perfect thing to be considered for your event.

In addition, you can also play any kind of presentation in your event with these mobile LED screens. On the other hand, people get to know about an event when they saw LEDs at the entrance of an event. Then, why not use LED screens in your events to make it astonishing.

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