How to Rank New Products in Google’s Search

Nowadays, many e-commerce website’s targets are to sell their products, ranking within the first page listings on Google. Even if the product is the best-seller on Amazon. If you want to reach your products to the customers and increase your profit, you will need to know the layout of google search engine result pages (SERPs), here are some basic strategies to get your products ranked into the search engine.

ran product google search

Searching for keywords such as winter coats can list popular products. Usually, popular products are listed in the above organic results.  The above images are pulled from google shopping results.

So you want to rank your products highly on google search shopping.

For any product search the google search results are:

  • Google Adwords
  • Google Shopping ads
  • Organic results

Ranking Factors For Google Products

  1. Optimize Your Products Title

Google values the title second priority, only behind the image. It is one of the four attributes that customers see on Google’s result page. The title must be compelling.

optimize product title

Titles should highlight the most appropriate product attributes so that buyers can easily browse through and determine if the product is worth clicking on.

No one-size-fits-all. Particularly when it comes to optimizing product titles. Each industry and each customer are different. Analyze your audience, as they are the key to understanding the purpose of your searchers.

2. Description

After optimizing your product title, then you focus on the product description. The proper keyword incorporated description is more important. So that description can help you rank for long-tail keywords that you can’t include in your product title.

3. Keyword List

It’s unreasonable to assume that each keyword rank on the first page relating to your industry. Your target should secure high organic rankings for your most desired keywords.

Think about how the user will search about your products, make a list of those keywords, and check search volume and traffic, also competition for each keyword terms using tools like Google keyword planner. You can separate the keywords based on high competition, low to medium competitions. They have more traffic potential and are easier to rank for.

4. Quality of content

You should remember that writing high-quality and SEO-friendly content that attracts interest and forces visitors to share it and link back to it is essential.

The quality of content has the best way of being viral content, and also Google rewards content virality massively in its rankings algorithm.

5. Stock Supply

It is essential to always check if your products are in stock, in order to avoid not selling in your search results. or else you can set the automatic remainder which will notify you when inventory reaches the appropriate level so that you can restock the products.

6. Pricing

When you go to list your product pages before you have to check the competitor’s price list. Try to always match or beat your competition’s product pricing.

7. Images

You always use the zoom function on every product image so that customers can take a closer view of the products. We recommended using large images that are a high pixel in order to enable this zoom function. High-quality images have long been connected with higher levels of sales which means images have a large bearing on velocity and hence improve search results rankings.

Check out this article to know about top online image background removers.

8. Product details

In the product details, you can use a large amount of text which is not broken up by bullet points. When writing your product description avoid using walls of text as they have a more disadvantage.

rank your new product on google

Customers did not like them as they are confusing and unapproachable which means using them will lower your sales or conversion rates thereby dropping organic ranking in the search results.

9. Product Reviews

Product reviews are key to improving your sales and in order to rank higher in search results. Customers can trust when Products with a large number of positive reviews. We recommended adding a small note in with the package you send your customer or sending a follow-up email requesting them to kindly write a review for the products.

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Now you have basic knowledge of how to rank your products in Google search results, and also You know which options are best to use in order to optimize your product listing and higher the google search results and how to increase your sales velocity.


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