SEO-Friendly Content to Increase Organic Traffic

The way for growing your own business without calculating the marketing budget, SEO-friendly content is the best for you. Your website would rank up high in google if you could optimize on-page properly and your website has firm domain authority. Ranking higher means you would find more engagement with customers.

It doesn’t matter how good your content is, everybody should find the website in google. Otherwise, your content would be a waste if nobody could find it. That is why SEO is important as SEO or search engine optimization helps to optimize your website to find it easily in google. Content refers to any information that you could find on the web. Thus, SEO content is the combination of these two concepts that could achieve the goal to attract search engine traffic.

Content for SEO

Although 75% of the respondents confirmed that it was organic traffic, 52% of the marketers agreed that developing content that actually attracts and increases organic traffic was a real challenge.

Before writing any content, you should follow some steps and spend some time on the production process. You need to optimize the content so that it could perform in the final analysis positively. Moreover, the new audiences would become loyal and brand ambassadors if they find their answer in your content properly.

Tips for making your content SEO-friendly

1. Using headlines and sub-headings

You should use sub-headers and headlines as it could do quite a few things for search engine optimization. People like sharing things which are uncomplicated to read. Using headlines and sub-headers would make your content easy to read and skimmable for the readers.

Search engine robots crawl over your website to identify your headings and use the headlines for better understanding such as which part is the important one. to increase the saturation of the keyword, you should use headlines and subheads.

2. Adding links to former content

Backlink numbers of your content could make it high-rank content. If you want to make your content great, use many backlinks both internal and external.

To increase the ranking of your old content, add more and more backlinks from the new posts. By doing this, the people and robots could easily find your contents. This also helps to increase the validity of your website because of the best links you would provide. Your articles become trustworthy among readers with credible sources.

3. Optimizing your content’s length

Getting more traffic is a game of numbers because the number of the published posts would increase the traffic. Google always gives priority to higher quality and longer articles as the aim is to offer the users best potential answers.

contently friendly seo

You should look at the analytic reports of google to see what type of posts could generate higher engagement and which posts are visited more in the long run. After that, you should process that information for approaching your best output.

4. Choosing the right keyword

The best approach to write a content is to choose keywords wisely before starting to write. Firstly, identify relevant keywords to the topic and then use that keywords to plan yours.

You could also appoint an SEO agency for doing this task. While writing the content, use those keywords in headlines, title, main copy, ALT tags and descriptions.

5. Optimizing your images

Images could be an essential element to make your article shareable and interesting. People like to buy products from a company who has relevant and attractive photos on their website. You could optimize the images by attaching keywords to the files and giving ALT tags. Too large photos would slow down the loading time; so, you should optimize the picture’s size before posting.

Keep the quality and visibility in mind and make the picture as minor as possible. You could use the squoosh app to resize your image quickly.

6. Making the article shareable

After writing an interesting, content rich and SEO-friendly content, your next step would be making it shareable. You should add some social-media buttons so that people could easily share your content.

7. Writing high quality article

You could increase the traffic by writing entertaining and useful contents. Nowadays, search engines prize the websites that give high quality content. It is the most important fact than other factors on your list.

Start to write when you have gained the proper idea to format and write the article considering the fact about how to write SEO-friendly content.


Hopefully, this article will be useful for you. By following these tips, you could easily write a SEO-friendly content that increases organic traffic and improves SEO score. Though it would take some time to write a SEO-friendly article, your valuable time is worth it.

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