The Principles of Xeriscaping and Top Xeriscaping Designs

Xeriscaping refers to the practice of designing landscapes to eliminate the need to irrigate. This type of gardening continues to gain popularity as climatic changes affect annual rainfall amounts.

Here we explore the most popular xeriscape designs that are not only environmentally friendly, but also sure head turners.

What are the Principles of Xeriscaping

Xeriscape gardens are easy to create, as well as care for given that you follow the right principles. Here we discuss the guidelines to help you build a xeriscape garden:

1. Water Conservation and Soil Improvement

The first and most important principle of xeriscape garden is water conservation. When designing a xeriscape, it’s critical that you seek innovative methods to reduce water use and boost natural precipitation. A good idea is visiting local nurseries to get a better idea of the different types of drought resistant plants in your area.

Another essential principle of xeriscaping is soil improvement. It’s important that you choose a soil that easily stores water, as well as drains quickly.

2. Limited Turf Design

One other principle of a xeriscape garden is that you should have limited turf areas. While it’s important that you reduce the amount of turf, it’s recommended that you keep some of it to ensure visual appeal.

Consider choosing a species of turf that reduces water runoff.

3. Use Plants that are Native to Your Region

Another important factor to remember is that you should use plants that are native to your region. This ensures your desired plants can survive in your garden without issues.

Go for drought resistant plants with thick and small leaves. These are the two chief characteristics of plants that don’t require ample water. Also, look for plants that only require a small amount of water.

4. Mulch

When creating a xeriscape garden, it’s very important that you consider mulch. This may contain anything from wood chips and leaves to pine needles and compost.

5. Irrigate

Irrigation is necessary for all kinds of gardens. And often it can mean the difference between a standard garden and xeriscape garden.

When it comes to designing a xeriscape garden, your main goal is conserving water. The best two methods of irrigating your garden are soaker hoses and drip irrigation systems.

Top 4 Xeriscape Garden Designs

Here we discuss the top 4 creative approaches to xeriscape gardening:

  1. Add Mediterranean Plants

Mediterranean plants native to France, Italy, and Spain thrive in sun and sandy soils. This makes them an excellent choice for your xeriscaped garden.

What are the Top Xeriscaping Designs

Most Mediterranean xeriscaped gardens include plenty of beautiful herbs like lavender, rosemary, thyme, and oregano. These herbs are beneficial for health, household, and culinary purposes.

2. Use Rocks to Beautify Your Garden

If your house includes rock terraces or rock walls, you’re already halfway to completing your xeriscaped garden.

Large rocks that are fitted close together ensure moisture stays in its place and evaporates slowly. You may combine your rocky terrace with ground covers or low growing plants to offer your garden a natural, cascading look.

3. Combine Xeriscape with Cottage Garden Designs

Xeriscaping and cottage garden designs aren’t only compatible, but they look lovely. Typically, cottage gardens have plants and herbs in close proximity, this ensures no extra space is left for water to be wasted.

Most traditional cottage flowers are drought tolerant and can be selected to bloom for different seasons of color. Add yarrow, iris, coral bells, Helenium, sedum, and caryopteris to create an eye catching, colorful, and beautifully textured xeriscaped and cottage garden look.

4. Create Sitting Areas

Give your garden a welcoming look by including flagstones, pavers, or crushed granites. Furthermore, you may add comfortable furniture to ensure a relaxing look.

In the infographic below by HomeCity, we discuss many other exciting ways you can design your xeriscape. Follow these tips to beautify your garden and share the final pictures with your viewers.

xeriscape garden design ideas

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