Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Platforms in 2022

Artificial Intelligence Platforms use machines to execute various tasks that can be done by human beings also. These machines can simulate the cognitive functions of human minds at ease. Some of these cognitive functions performed by artificial intelligence are learning, problem-solving capability, reasoning, etc. Moreover, general intelligence and social intelligence can be a part of Artificial Intelligence programming also.

The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms includes the mechanisms of a different expert system like speech recognition ability, natural language processing, and understanding capability, machine vision, and more. By leveraging AI voice generators, businesses and individuals can automate voice-based tasks, create engaging content, and enhance user experiences. These AI platforms can also solve uncommon tasks and reduces the workload of human beings efficiently.

In this article, we will briefly discuss the top 10 Artificial Intelligence Platforms in 2022. You can discover here for the best manpower agency from the list of top 10 AI platforms.

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Here’s the list of top 10 AI platforms in 2022

1. Google AI Platform

Google AI platform allows machine learners, data scientists, and data engineers to deal with varieties of unfamiliar and complicated problems efficiently. They can quickly resolve their entire ML projects and increase their fluency cost-effectively with the help of the Google Artificial intelligence platform.

Furthermore, the Google AI platform has an inbuild toolchain that can help you to build and run machine learning applications on your own. Besides, the Google AI platform supports Kubeflow also. This open-source platform allows you to establish ML pipelines. These ML pipelines can run in the Google cloud flawlessly without changing any prior codes. But to do this, you have to access various Google AI technologies like TFX tools, Tensorflow, etc.

2. Tensorflow

Tensorflow is a library of open-source software that uses flow graphs to deal with numerical calculation. The nodes of Tensorflow define mathematical operations. You can deploy calculations to multiple CPUs of a single desktop or mobile device using one API only here.

Tensorflow was represented to develop machine learning technologies and research neural networks by the engineers of the Google Brain team.

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3. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure was designed to clarify machine learning for business that uses latest analytical procedure. You can work with the best algorithms of XBOX, Python, or Bing programming here. Therefore, you can publish the model as a web service within few minutes here. You can connect your finished model directly to the marketplace of Machine Learning.

MS Azure AI Platform

This AI platform works in any operating system or framework and supports every language conveniently.

4. Wipro HOLMES

This artificial intelligence platform is a combination of various cognitive computing processes. Wipro HOLMES AI platform is used in predictive analysis, cognitive process, digital computing applications. On the other hand, Wipro HOLMES has proficiency in developing digital virtual agents, robotics, and drone technologies also. This AI platform is mainly designed to provide solutions for IT and business sectors related enterprise cases.

Wipro HOLMES is capable of understanding natural languages and speech recognition.

5. Rainbird

Rainbird is one of the best AI platforms that allows making business operations faster and straightforward. It helps business industries to develop systems with decision-making abilities like a human. By doing this, Rainbird enhances the quality and efficiency of particular business projects.

However, Rainbird allows its users to attach human business bits of knowledge with the company’s business data to enhance productivity and business growth artificially.

6. Dialogflow

Dialogflow includes a specialized tool that can understand natural languages and converts them into specific conversation ideas. It also helps to enhance users’ experience by analysing the entire interaction procedure with users.

This particular AI platform is used to design numerous voices and texts based interactive applications. This AI system supports any platform to operate it.

7. MindMeld

MindMeld uses specialized conversational AI that helps to upgrade voice & chat assistants relevantly. This AI platform is available for both personal and professional activities. Moreover, users can interact with their customers through the latest voice and chat assistance with more appropriate responses.

MindMeld Artificial Intelligence platform can be used to find out music and videos according to the demand of the users.

8. Virtual A.I.

Virtual A.I. offers artificial intelligence-based software development tools. Besides, users can avail themselves of consulting services here. Virtual A.I. platform can be cost-effective if you use it to develop an intelligent application.

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The Virtual Development Kit of Virtual A.I. includes the massive source of databases, costs, and algorithmic processes that helps to reduce the cost and efforts of the development process. The AI algorithms of can automate business processes effectively.

9. Meya

With the help of Meya bot studio, the company can develop unlimited bots such as the flow editor, the code editor, and live debugging. This web-based IDE uses Bot Flow Markup Language and Python programming to create real-time test debugging and predict the flow of the company as well. The bots of Meya include all the reputed messaging channels and can improve customer service through its implemented analytical components.

10. Infosys Nia

Unlike other Infosys, Nia is a knowledge-based artificial intelligence platform. It combines machine learning with the vast knowledge of an organization in order to accelerate automation. Business authorities will be able to renovate their system landscape constantly by using Infosys Nia. Moreover, it also helps to reduce the expenses of maintaining physical and digital properties with its Infosys Aikido technologies.

Nia allows businesses to improve their users’ experience by modifying the core business procedures.

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