How To Exploit Routers On An Unrooted Android Phone?

Every household in this current world with an internet connection has heard of this device called the Router. A router basically acts as a gate-keeper to our internet. It is also capable of securing our connection. Hence it is important to safeguard it with a password to avoid any hacking. There are instances where routers have been hacked to access personal information. There have been incidents encountered in the United States where routers have been hacked illegally to extract data out of common people. 

While changing passwords and protecting your Router is necessary, there are other options that one might want to consider. Hence taking control of your own system becomes crucial at this point. Many ethical hackers have explored options to take in charge and offer easy ways to exploit routers. You may not know, but the Router itself a mini-computer (if you may call it). It has its own system set-up that works in a systematic and logical way. As computers and smartphones can be hacked, routers are also at a great risk of meeting the same fate.

The market is creating some commotion around RouterSploit. It allows one to exploit a Router using an unrooted Android device. Ethical hackers have come up with a various technique that helps one to safeguard their own internet bubble. However, these techniques may appear to be complicated at the beginning once the basic installation is completed. Then the rest of the functions are a cakewalk. 

Rooting your device can be a risky option. There is an expiration of guarantee and warranty on rooted phones. Therefore, options to exploit routers on an unrooted device is something that needs a little bit of work-around. One such solution is – GNURootDebian. This application will help you achieve what you couldn’t earlier with a rooted phone.

unrooted android

The following are the steps that you need to do for Android devices.

1. Download “GNURootDebian

In order to make Debian Linux run on an unrooted device, download “GNURootDebian” from Google Play Store. Once the download is completed. There will be some auto-run items that will scroll through the screen. Once the scrolling halts, we are ready to proceed.

2. Install some dependencies

There is a need to install some dependencies to make this entire structure work. It is suggested that you use python for the ideal module. Here are some commands that you would need.

  1. -apt-get update
  2. apt-get install sudo
  3. -sudo apt-get install git-core
  4. -Sudo apt-get install python-dev-python-pip libncurses5-dev git

3. Download/install RouterSpoilt

The next step is to download/install RouterSpoilt. Below is a link to the Github repository that will help you with the set-up

4. Run generic Commands

Now that you have downloaded. The RouterSploit is ready for its first run. There are some more generic commands that you need to run:

a. cd routersploit

b. sudo python./

5. Orders will appear

There are some “orders” that will now appear on the screen. Making it is easy for the user to use the interface. ‘use,’ ‘set,’ ‘show options,’ ‘check,’ ‘run.’

6. Select a Secret phase

The real work now begins. If you wish to set and prosecute a target. Here are some things that you need to do. This may seem a little intimidating to begin with, but users get the hang of it over time. When you are going to access something called the “WIFI array,” there will be a requirement of selecting a secret phase, about which you can learn better if you read this in-depth article. Once you have identified your IP address. Use the following commands to proceed further.

a. -show options

7. Need a switching IP address

Now, we need to set an IP address to which it has to switch.

a. -set target IP_address_here

This changing of IP is necessary that would help you protect your current address at all times; once the switching is completed, run the module. Then it will sweep through all the weaknesses that are present.

8. Time to exploit

Once you have captured all the necessary weaknesses, it is time to exploit them. There are some more commands that can help you with this activity.

– use exploits/cameras/dlink/dcs_9301_9321_auth_bypass

9. Check whether successful

It is time for you to check if your process has turned out to be successful. There is a button called “check,” which would allow you to double-check. You can repeat these steps to exploit the given routers from time to time


This is one of many methods in which you can use an unrooted android mobile device, which would allow you to attack any router that you wish to control. While RouterSploit is one of the best available options for an unrooted device.

There are other options available in a different environment, namely, Metasploit. RouterSploit, however, has proven to be efficient and easy to use. At the same time, this enables a lot of ethical hackers to safeguard their routers via a mobile device. We need to understand that misusing can get one into a lot of legal matters. This one should be avoided at all costs.

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