Unveiling 13 Hidden Secrets of Genshin Impact You Didn’t Know About

Genshin Impact is a vast open-world game filled with captivating content, and its developers consistently strive to engage players with exciting events, Easter eggs, and hidden surprises.

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In this article, we uncover 13 secrets of Genshin Impact that are likely unknown to many players. From hidden achievements to luxurious chests and more, prepare to delve into the mysteries that await in the world of Teyvat.

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Luxury chest in the north of Mondstadt

Many players, even those with extensive experience in Genshin Impact, have yet to fully explore the northern region of Mondstadt. However, this is a missed opportunity as it hides a luxurious chest that can be effortlessly obtained. Going once again to Anemo hypostasis, do not be too lazy to approach the edge of the waterfall nearby and jump down. There you will see a pillar jutting out of the water and a luxurious chest on top of it. From it, you can get random loot and 30 Source Stones.

Hidden Achievement Fantastic Four

Players who have been playing Genshin Impact for a considerable amount of time and have amassed 4 heroes of the same element in their inventory will be able to unlock the Fantastic Four accomplishment. The main goal of the accomplishment is to finish any dungeon with a team that has four members that share the same element. Which dungeon you pick, along with the level of difficulty, is completely irrelevant.

Additionally, it is irrelevant what level your heroes are. In the easiest setting of the dungeon, it is sufficient to have one character who is capable of killing the creatures. The squad’s last three heroes won’t be of any service. Note! Even without Elemental Resin, you may still earn the Fantastic Four accomplishment. In the dungeon, there is no need to gather awards. You will receive the award as soon as you finish the assignment.

Hidden Achievement “… You heard everything, didn’t you?”

This is Genshin Impact’s easiest and strangest secret accomplishment. The accomplishment is unusual in that it cannot be attained through regular gaming. Generally speaking, it is amazing how someone may estimate what must be done to obtain it. You must take the subsequent actions in order to obtain the achievement “… You heard everything, didn’t you?”

  1. navigate to the settings after starting the game;
  2. pick the Voice slider and swiftly adjust it left/right (from 0 to 10), then go to the Sound section.
  3. unlock the achievement “… You heard everything, didn’t you?” by moving the slider for a while.

Hidden Achievement “Quick as Lightning”

Quick as Lightning is another unusual hidden achievement in Genshin Impact. To get it, you need to sprint for 15+ seconds. In fact, it is available at any rank, even if you don’t have much stamina. However, players in the later stages of the game make it much easier. It is worth noting that in this case, you can use food to reduce the cost of stamina while sprinting and the passive talents of the following heroes:

  • Kazuha – Whispering Wind (-20% stamina cost while sprinting)
  • Razor – Wolfensprint (-20% stamina cost while sprinting)
  • Keia – Hidden powers (-20% stamina cost while sprinting).

If you are low on stamina, when the stamina indicator turns red while sprinting, keep jumping. This also counts towards running seconds.

Important! Check that you lack this accomplishment if you are unable to attain it. It belongs in the section devoted to the world’s wonders. Previously, the accomplishment was known as “Run, Melos!”

Golden Glide License and Almost Like Having Wings

The secret accomplishments related to glider flight include the Golden Glide License and Almost Like Having Wings. Go to Mondstadt at Starcatcher’s Rock to obtain them. You can find a pair of NPCs in love on the top of the cliff (they only appear at night), and out in the distance, in the heart of the ocean, lies a hidden island where the first stage of the Time and Wind quest is being finished. You need to use a glider to go to this island. Both awards are yours after you “fly” into the island’s surroundings. Use food that lowers the stamina needed for hovering, augment your team with heroes with valuable skills, and fly for longer periods of time.

Hidden Secrets of Genshin Impact

For instance, the uncharged character Ember lowers flying’s stamina requirement by 20%. In reality, achieving these goals is relatively simple, but if you lack endurance, you will not be successful. Try coming back to it later.


Genshin Impact is a treasure trove of hidden secrets, awaiting the curious and adventurous players who dare to explore its depths. It is not surprising that it earns a billion dollars every 6 months only on the mobile version. Embark on these quests, uncover the secrets, and add an extra layer of enjoyment to your Genshin Impact journey.

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