6 Ways To Increase Internet Speed Of Your Router

All the people around the globe have in common that we all hate slow internet speed. It’s the most annoying feeling in the world when you are streaming a video on YouTube, and the video is buffering due to a bad internet connection. Nowadays, due to the whole Covid-19 pandemic, it has become necessary to own a fast internet speed connection. The majority of the work the company is doing is being done through online meeting apps or online work-from-home methods.

But if you are still having a problem with slow internet speed through your router, then there can be a couple of options that can help you overcome this liability. The rate of the internet can depend upon various factors according to your surroundings, such as geographical location, where you have put your current router, the number of people using it at the moment, etc.

So, if you are having a slow network speed problem, then keep reading this blog; as in this blog, you will read about 6 ways to increase the Internet speed of your router.

how to increase speed of router

1. Speed Test

First thing’s first, before doing anything, if you want to troubleshoot your internet speed, you got to test its speed first to compare the results before and after trying the tips or suggestions told in this blog. You can use various apps too to do this simple work.

You can also type speed test in Google Chrome, and it will take you to a web page where you can check your network speed. So, check it and note it for later. One more thing to note is that if your tested speed is less than the data plan you have bought from the service provider, then you can contact their officials to solve the issue, and that can solve your slow internet speed problem and provide you the promised data speed according to your data plan. In addition, to ensure optimal internet performance, consider implementing bandwidth monitoring to track your network’s usage and identify any potential bandwidth hogs that may be causing slow speeds.

2. Location of the Router

The Internet speed transmitted by your router directly depends on where you have placed your router. If you have placed your router in an area far from your room, then its network connectivity and speed will be affected. So, try to put your router(s) in an open place where it covers every part of your house.

One more thing to care about is that if you have placed your router where it may face obstruction, for example, in a cupboard, or many walls surround it, etc., then the speed will decrease as the speed, and network connectivity is finite in a Home Wi-Fi or a Router. So, place your router in a wide place so that the internet network may reach uniformly every part of your house.

3. Frequency of the Router

If you don’t know the frequency on which your router is transmitting the internet signals, then open your router’s administration settings through the official app or website. After logging in, go to the router frequency option and check whether the frequency of your router is 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz.

If it is on 2.4 GHz, then change it to 5GHz, and it will immediately improve your network speed a lot. But if it does not show the 5GHz option, your router may not support the 5GHz frequency, and you may need to change it to get high-speed internet according to your need. Not only 5GHz frequency will improve your speed. It will also increase the network connectivity even in the long range.

4. Number of Users

There is a very simple rule that every router follows: The more the number of users at the moment, the less the speed of the internet network. It is logical that the more the device will be connected and using the internet through a router, the more it has to work and divide the network connectivity, which will eventually decrease your internet speed. So try to disconnect your devices from the Wi-Fi Router when they are not being used.

5. External Accessories

There are many types of external accessories that you can buy from e-commerce websites for a very fair price. If your router has a pair of internal antennas, you can purchase external antennas for It, as it will increase both the speed and connectivity of your internet connection.

Also, sometimes the devices that we use to surf the internet do not support the high frequency of new-age routers (for example- Wi-Fi 6 routers). You can easily solve this problem by buying special USB devices specifically made for this purpose. You need to buy one, plug it in your laptop or PC, download its drivers, and your computer will be able to get the high speed.

ways to increase speed of router

6. Regular Updation of the Software

Every software is updated through its monthly or weekly firmware updates. You need to regularly keep updating the system software of the router through its app or the official website because it keeps your router up to date with the latest features, which may help increase the internet speed of your router or help in troubleshooting any problem in your router. So once in a week or two, you should check the update section so that you may never miss any updates. Your router may not face any issues.


So, this blog was meant to tell you the most efficient and effective ways to treat your network speed and increase it. If you are reading this blog], you must be going through this annoying problem, and if you are finding the solution to this issue, you should try one of the methods mentioned above.

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