Support Local Creators by Shopping Local – A Survey

Supporting your local creators could mean picking up your favorite morning brew when running your weekend errands. Or, you could choose to shop at your local grocery store to load up on your favorite fresh produce.

While contributing to your local businesses is a great way to keep your money local, you’re also able to help them stay afloat after the series of unfortunate events that accrued in 2020. As we head into 2021, it may feel more common to order stuff online and have it delivered within a few hours — even your weekly grocery shop.

This may be a great invention for those on the go, but it could also hinder locals that have worked their lives giving back to their community with services and prices they can’t compete with. So, who really is shopping local and why?

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55% of Americans Shopped In-Store, Despite the Pandemic

The 2020 pandemic swept across the world, and we were sentenced to lock our doors and stay safe indoors. This impacted businesses that weren’t able to do store pickups or deliveries in a timeframe that out beat big chain stores. Yet, our communities seemed to come together to support each other during this time. Over 55 percent of shoppers choose to still shop in-store to show up for their small businesses.

And, for those that didn’t feel safe shopping in-store, they still chose to support local businesses online (15 percent). While 30 percent of consumers didn’t support local at all this last year.

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But, supporting local creators could give you a sense of purpose. Not only are you able to buy what you choose, but you’re able to meet those that are working day in and day out to make the products you’re looking for — and happy to do it. With that being said, you may experience a greater sense of pride in your purchases while having great customer service representatives.

Majority of Consumers Shop Small to Keep Money Local

We wanted to dig up a little more about buying local, digging up our own buying local statistics. Is it because of the price, the extended community, or even the customer service they receive. Turns out, the majority (57 percent) shop local to keep money local. Which is great! Turns out, the majority of the money you contribute to small businesses stays local. Instead of investing your money into a big box store, you can help your community by shopping locally.

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Additionally, consumers feel more connected to their community, like to support local creators, receive greater customer service, and like to help non-profits. Needless to say, shopping locally has more benefits than just one. So, how can you help your local businesses this new year?

How to Support Your Local Businesses This Year

It’s the new year — a fresh start. Spend it with local creators and you may even be able to save your budget a little more than you thought you could. To get started, read our favorite tips below:

  1. Follow, Share, and Review Your Favorite Small Businesses

If you’re sticking to a strict budget or working towards paying off your debts, you may be looking for alternatives to shopping when you don’t need to. To show your support, follow your favorite locals on social media. Choose to follow them on their business accounts and/or their personal accounts. Anytime they post any promos, reshare it to spread the word.

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Go the extra mile and review your local creators online. In most cases, bad reviews can have a heavy impact on businesses. If you believe in what the business is doing, vocalize it! It could bring in additional customers over time.

  1. Weekly Shop At Your Favorite Local Stores

When you do need to go shopping, plan it out based on your local stores. Print and write out Mint’s shopping list printable. Planning out what you need to pick up at the store coud save you time and money. You will know exactly which stores you need to go to, for what, and set a strong budget for it.

How to support local businesses globally

When you’re traveling it’s also an excellent idea to support local businesses abroad. This practice helps redistribute wealth to people that really need it instead of third-parties taking a cut and the money you pay for your trip never finding its way to the local community.

When choosing a tour operator it’s essential to find an educational tour provider that will guide you towards destinations and activities where sustainable business practices are being adhered to, and local people are flourishing because of this.

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