Is A Private Yacht Party For You?

Are you looking for a way to infuse Miami-vibes into your summer parties? Then why not rent a yacht in Canada?

Let’s clear your first doubt. It’s not as expensive as you think. A private yacht for a party will cost you as much as a hotel suite or an Airbnb accommodation. For the same price, you can experience life amidst the waves and relax under the warm, soft rays of the sun with your family or friends.

Although you may find fascinating options for accommodation, finding extraordinary affordable options further out in the ocean is also possible.

Rent a yacht Montreal to celebrate your birthday, anniversary or simply throw a summer party on a private boat. You can do it all.

In fact, Canada has plenty of wonderful private yachts and boats that you can rent for hosting parties at relatively low prices. They’re perfect for a mini summer vacation on the water.

For the same cost as a night’s accommodation in an exquisite city hotel, you can have an enthralling experience of sleeping on the waves.

From rustic and romantic riverboats to luxury yachts on the ocean, there’s an exciting maritime trip somewhere out there waiting just for you.

Ditch the lands, head over to luxury yacht rental Toronto and get ready for a nautical adventure.

We’ve curated a lineup of the most popular private yacht where you can plan your next party. Keep reading!

Luxury Yachts For Hosting Your Next Party

1. The River Den

Enjoy a relaxing sunbathe in the afternoon on the front deck. Or devour into an incredible stargazing experience at night on a fully carpeted roof deck. This party yacht will cost you $222 per night.

However, we recommend connecting with the agency before you book rent a yacht Montreal, Vancouver or Toronto as the prices may vary depending on the season and the availability.

2. Sunsets On A Schooner

Want to enjoy a romantic getaway with your partner and host a private party? This elegant sailboat is a perfect option. Experience the breathtaking sunrise and the sunsets afloat on the sea with your partner.

You need to rent a minimum of 2 nights’ stay on this romantic haven starting from $119.

3. Sidney Sea Suite

If you want to indulge in a lavish experience and have a flexible budget, then Sidney Sea Suit is your ultimate private yacht for hosting a party. Little more on the expensive side, this boat is specially designed for people who are just getting introduced to sea life.

The multilayer decks are positioned to offer you the best possible views. You can gaze at the neighbouring islands as you sail past them, or you can make a small halt and explore them.

A two-night stay at this luxurious adobe on the sea will cost $180 onwards. You can connect with your agency for private yacht rental Toronto for additional onboard services.

4. Bob’s Yer Uncle Boat

Want to host a private yacht with just your BFFs? This private yacht perfectly suits your requirements.

Providing accommodation for four people, the price per night of this boat starts from $332. You can relish an unobstructed view or enjoy the tranquil surroundings while being just a 5-minute drive away from the nearest town centre.

5. Dream Boat Stay

Do you want your home comforts on board? No need to look any further. As the name suggests, this lavish yacht offers a dream stay with a full kitchen panel, Wi-Fi connectivity, Netflix services and a spacious bathroom.

luxury yacht charter

Life on the water never looked so amazing! Head over to a private yacht rental Toronto to book your dream party destination. The price starts from $154.

6. Waupoos On The Water

Featuring an open cockpit with comfortable seating, voyage on this party boat to experience unobstructed views to the West. Take a sunbathe in the beautiful summer sun. This boat is perfect for a small daytime relaxing party with your loved one.

Book a ride starting from $131. The charges may vary depending on your requirements.

These are a few affordable examples of the private yachts available for rent. You can connect with a rental agency, enquire about the availability and charter a yacht Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, etc.

What Services Can You Expect When You Charter a Yacht?

When you stay on land and every day you see the same view from your hotel window. When you go partying and vacationing on a yacht, you wake up and experience a new location every day.

Your yacht navigates from island to island like a virtual online slideshow, with one big difference- this is the real show!

While onboard, a crew of trained professionals will pamper you – a captain to navigate through the waters, a host/hostess to serve you or your guests, and a chef who prepares your meals.

The total number of crew members depends on the size of the yacht you hire and the level of service you request.

Similar to resorts, the yacht offers accommodations, a relaxation area and activities to socialize, and a wide variety of recreational sports for complete enjoyment – like, jet skies, kayaks, snorkel gear and paddleboards.

Hire a larger yacht to explore a wider variety of sports and amenities, including wave runners, exercise equipment, cinema rooms, on-deck Jacuzzi spas and much more.

Another distinguishing difference, when compared to a resort, is that a yacht is entirely private. Only you, your loved ones- family, friends, partner and the professional crew (if you hire one) are onboard.

This summer, take the party to the seas. Celebrate special days and vacations amidst the majestic waves. Charter a yacht Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver from a renowned rental service for an ultimate party experience.

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