How To Incorporate Cybersecurity Into Your SEO Strategy

Were you aware that instances of cybercrime have increased by a staggering 600 percent over the past twelve months? While this is obviously concerning for individuals, it is even more worrying in regard to online businesses. As these digital threats continue to proliferate, it is important to adopt the most effective cybersecurity techniques at an early stage. Let us take a look at how e-commerce professionals can incorporate the latest utilities into their overall SEO strategies.

Detecting the Symptoms of an Issue

Effectively diagnosing a problem will first require the recognition of its existence. So, it is crucial to keep an eye out for a handful of warning signs that an issue is present. Some common signals that may hint at trouble include:

  • Modified HTML scripts and/or coding after a recent SEO update.
  • Error messages that do not point to any obvious problems.
  • The inability to access certain portions of your website.
  • Extremely slow loading times; especially if SEO changes have been made.

If any of these issues happen to be present, it is a good idea to take a closer look at your website.

Cloud-Based Storage Solutions

Cybercrime does not always involve the theft of personal or proprietary data. Indeed, there are many times when vital on-site information becomes corrupted or otherwise unreadable. This can lead to grave issues in regard to client services and brand reputation. One of the ways in which businesses can safeguard against such a situation is to employ a trusted cloud storage provider.

benefits of P2P cloud storage

Storing data within the cloud offers an extra level of redundancy in the event that on-site data becomes compromised. As opposed to losing critical information, these details can be easily retrieved from within a private cloud server in no time at all.

Virtual Private Networks

Otherwise known as VPNs, virtual private networks represent yet another means to thwart potentially serious cybercrime threats. VPNs mask the IP address of your business. Not only will this add an additional layer of security, but many servers offer additional advantages including the ability to detect malicious attacks and advanced data encryption services. It is therefore wise to compare and contrast well-known virtual private networks to better appreciate which one is the most appropriate for your current SEO requirements. Read this article to know about the different types of VPN protocols.

Antivirus Software

The most effective SEO campaigns will need to be updated on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to coding errors that create vulnerable “back doors” which nefarious entities may exploit. Detecting suspicious coding can prevent a potentially serious data breach. The good news is that many quality third-party antivirus bundles will provide 24/7 protection.

Create Proactive SEO Security Protocols

SEO and cybersecurity should never be viewed as two separate strategies. On the contrary, it is wise to employ them in tandem. Let’s not fail to mention that serious data breaches can impact the ranking of a website within search engine results pages (SERPs) and it may even result in penalties. It is wise to keep in-house SEO professionals aware of any ongoing threats and to perform regular website audits such as those offered by Wisetek. You can therefore remain well ahead of the curve; potentially thwarting a serious attack before it causes damage.

How To Incorporate Cybersecurity Into Your SEO Strategy

Offer Dedicated and Ongoing In-House Training

It is somewhat disturbing to learn that up to 95 percent of all data breaches are the result of human error. This largely arises from the fact that employees are not provided with the proper training. Or, they might be using outdated software. Ongoing support is therefore crucial. In the event that an issue occurs, trained SEO personnel with CISSP certification will be able to identify its presence and implement the necessary security measures. They can then take the appropriate steps in a timely fashion. Cybersecurity courses are easily available online nowadays, so businesses should take advantage of this to get their employees trained.

Cybersecurity is no laughing matter. The online business community loses billions of dollars each and every year. Unfortunately, these problems are likely to become even more profound as newer threats emerge. Taking the right steps at the right times is therefore crucial. Feel free to refer back to the suggestions mentioned above in order to prepare your SEO department for whatever the future may have in store.

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