How Artificial Intelligence Can Boost Business Marketing Efforts

Not long ago, the term artificial intelligence (AI) conjured up images of robots, science fiction, and lines of elaborate code flashing across computer displays. Fast forward to today, and AI has become present in our lives in very subtle ways, so much so that we are often unaware we even use it.

Examples include when your Google search returns solutions to problems you didn’t know you have, when advertisements for things you’re about to buy appear on your social networks, and when bots on websites offer recommendations.

Accordingly, different industries use AI for various purposes. The marketing field, in particular, can benefit immensely from AI’s ability to optimize audience targeting strategies. As shown in the examples above, AI can personalize a user’s online experience, which is advantageous for marketers.

Moreover, with AI technology, marketers can evaluate customer information easily and create data-driven campaigns. Below, we’ll further discuss the various ways AI can improve the marketing efforts of a business; but before that, let’s briefly tackle how it works.

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

The simulation of human intelligence in computers is referred to as artificial intelligence. It’s a technology that allows computers or other machines to think and learn the same way humans do.

One popular subset of AI is machine learning (ML). It enables software applications to forecast an organization’s future needs based on massive volumes of historical data without being expressly programmed to do so.

Accordingly, one of the most significant advantages of AI is that the more you use it, the better it works. This is because, as explained previously, AI depends largely on collected information about past events. Hence, every time you use it, its compilation of historical data grows.

How AI Can Improve Marketing Strategies?

1. Enhances online customer service

It’s inconvenient for potential customers to be on the phone for more than a few minutes just to reach a representative. Furthermore, if your customer support personnel do not respond quickly, your prospects may consider switching to another company.

To avoid such instances, you can try adding a chatbot to your website. Simply feed the most frequently asked or common requests to the chatbot so that it can react naturally and appropriately if an agent is not available. That way, inquiries and concerns can be addressed more quickly.

2. Increases brand exposure and promotion on social media

Why do social media platforms suggest related products when you click on one from your home page? It is due to artificial intelligence working cleverly behind the scenes. AI determines what users want based on their recent search results and promotes similar products on their social media feed.

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AI and ML are used effectively by digital marketers to produce more accurate product recommendations that persuade consumers to visit the website and make a purchase.

According to digital marketing professionals, AI has a long way to go in improving end-user digital marketing experiences. However, it will simplify the internet experience for SEO firms and give better results, allowing clients to increase their brand’s online exposure.

3. Produces website content faster

Many digital marketers are turning to artificial intelligence technologies to create better website content. For example, if you need to quickly update a few web pages, you can use AI to replicate the content and make appropriate modifications.

Also, similar to its usage in social media, AI can provide intelligent recommendations to visitors based on their recent purchases. Hence, in addition to producing content, AI improves the accuracy of product recommendations and raises the likelihood of a sale.

How Can Artificial Intelligence Boost Business Marketing Efforts

4. Acts as a primary defense against fraud

In the digital age, protecting your consumers and your organization from fraud and data breaches is critical. Cybersecurity is a constant problem, but artificial intelligence can now provide some defense against these hacking attacks and crimes.

In fact, among the financial institutions that use AI to safeguard their customers against fraud are giants like the United Services Automobile Association, Bank of America, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA), and PayPal.

“Card issuers and payment processors, such as PayPal, utilize AI to match current card transactions to the user’s historical conduct, as well as to broad profiles of fraud behavior,” American Banker’s Penny Crosman stated.

Remember, many marketing tactics use customer data for detailed audience targeting, so there’s a chance that information can be accessed and stolen. ML technology helps business owners protect their customers’ data, both directly and indirectly.

5. Helps personalize email marketing

Even in 2021, when social media is prevalent, email marketing remains one of the most notable digital marketing efforts. Websites will ask visitors to subscribe to their newsletters to stay informed about the company’s latest news, product releases, and future deals.

AI in email marketing enables you to tailor communications for individual users. For example, first-time customers may receive an introductory email, whereas returning customers may receive different ones because they are already familiar with your brand.

Important Takeaways

Artificial intelligence has advanced in recent years and is poised to make a significant difference in how firms market in the coming decades. While it is not totally foolproof, the technology is getting more complex and versatile.

Moreover, with its reliable understanding of customers and brand sentiment, ability to integrate seamlessly with search engines and social media, and practical applications in customer care, AI will surely continue enhancing marketing strategies in the future.

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