How to Become a Social Media Marketing Expert in 2024

Remember those times when you were so mesmerized by seeing your friend’s aesthetic Facebook feed and wondered.

‘I wish there was a job for this’

Who knew there would be one day, where you can showcase your digitally artistic abilities and at the same time your strategic viewership increment tactics while also getting paid for it.

Rather than endlessly scrolling through social media, you can actually turn this cycle of unproductiveness into something productive which can also map your success. Day By day social media is increasingly becoming important for brands to reach out to their target customers.

But wait, before we get all excited on our high horses, let me tell you that being a social media marketing manager is a challenge which will require a lot of determination. I mean trying to dominate a platform which is already dominated by thousands.

However, you shouldn’t get demotivated as we might have just the solution for you. Here are 5 strategies on how to become a social media marketer in 2024.

social media marketing expert

From A Manager To A Boss

Although we know it’s called social media marketing manager, being just the manager of your field is not the end goal; you have to be the boss. Only then will you be deemed as an expert. A Social Media Expert is someone who knows everything about social media marketing. Who is well aware of the basics of marketing through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and also LinkedIn, understands different social media tools and analytics and how those tools work.

A social media marketing expert is aware of how to achieve marketing goals and how to increase awareness and sales for a company through social media channels and how to write a convenient message which can help to grow customer interest through social media. Even there are various marketing management tools which helps you to analysis and manage your work like Hootsuite.

1. Gain The Knowledge

Like any other field, in order to become a leader you have to start as a follower. This is the first stage, the beginning and the most crucial stage. Because, what we learn and experience here will be like words of wisdom throughout the journey.

Take as many courses from LinkedIn, Coursera, Semrush etc. there are many online tutorials videos which make you understand every corner on the subject as you can and gain the experience by working under experts to understand their strategies before you find your path. However, always remember that social media is an ever changing entity so the learning can never stop. So you need to always update your skills and knowledge.

2. Pick A Niche

‘Jack of all trades; master of none’

Social media marketing is a niche itself but if you have to be an expert, you have to pick a field within it. I can agree, it is tempting to learn everything, and although there is nothing wrong knowing a lot, always remember to implement your concentration into one. Social media experts also help to grow any type of start up business.

In this way, you are not worried about handling every other niche but the one in which you could produce the best results. It is always better to make one client happy then disappoint a hundred.

3. Market Yourself

First, you have to build your own community by gradually introducing trusted sources to your work, and then your task is to showcase your marketing skills on yourself. If potential clients are getting attracted to your work by this tactic then voila! You already have your first success story.

When you are starting, there isn’t much you have to lose so you can rely on using all the social media marketing tactics there ever is to get your name out. And now the Digital marketing sector is booming so it’s not a wrong decision if you adopt a career as a social media marketing expert.

4. Be A Pro At Organizing

When you start getting clients, you have to understand that managing their social media is not your only job. Obviously, if you are planning to excel your expertise in this field, you will have more than one client.

How To Become A Social Media Marketing Expert

You have to know how to manage and organize every client while working on their social media campaigns as well. If you have been in the zone for quite some years, then a team can be hired but before that you have to learn some digital tool that can minimize the stress of doing it manually.

This is also the first skill you have to hone if you want to be a digital marketing expert because it is vast, and it is very easy to get overwhelmed. However, you also have to not run behind capital growth so only take up the workload that you would be able to achieve. Because you have to understand the perks of giving quality work even if you have two clients.

5. Learn Things Away From The Core

When you are just starting, it can be difficult to hire a team. At times like this if you have an infographic required for the Facebook advertisement and you are short of skill or labour, it can be challenging.

Therefore, it is always suggested to know a little of everything. Social media marketing is not just about writing a few words and posting it regularly. A plethora of videos and graphics goes into making them. But Initial level you can do all the things on your own. There are various tools available in google which can make your work really easy.

Therefore, skills like graphic designing, content writing and SEO should also be at your fingertips.

Happy Marketing!

The work of a social media marketer is not easy. So, don’t let people hold you back or demotivate you who say things like,

‘You are just posting on Facebook for a living, what’s so tough about that.’

Social media has come as the prodigal heir of the new medium and it is here to stay. The best we can do as advocates of social media is to evolve with the new medium and keep adding skills to our CV. Social media marketing is more than scrolling, it’s the heart of people management. Most important, measure results all the time. keep track of all or activities like what you are doing, why you are doing, and what results you are getting from the same? Are you improving as a social media expert? Are you helping your brand/client to grow their business or the services?

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