5 Tips to Explode Your Instagram Traffic

When it comes to social media, Instagram is the leader in brand promotion and marketing. Since last year tons of people have shifted to Instagram for their brand promotion. It has got hundreds of millions of followers, implementing various marketing strategies to boost the platform.

Here are 5 easy tips through which you can get a huge Instagram followers and leads.

1. Find Your Instagram Niche

Many people want to do everything on Instagram, they have got a variety of interests – that’s the downfall. You have to analyse your interest, something that fascinates you or something that you thoroughly enjoy. For some, it’s blogging.

Now blogging itself is a wide term, you have to break it down to the exact number of things you want to associate yourself with. For instance, what kind of blogger do you want to be? Food, travel, fashion, lifestyle, fitness etc. It’s your call!

ways to increase instagram traffic

After introspecting your interests closely, try to stick to them. You just can’t get millions of followers in a few days, you have to be consistent with that. If you think that your idea is going to work, be consistent with that. Work on it, try to play around with that by being creative.

Start experimenting. You have to build your own niche, which will happen eventually, be patient and keep creating informative and unique content to boost your presence on Instagram.

2. Be consistent with the Content

One of the drawbacks is, most people aren’t consistent in what they’re doing. Initially, if they don’t get enough followers, they tend to lose motivation and give up. You have to keep your content updated.

Why should the audience follow you?

There must be a reason and for that, you have to keep posting content, every fresh post captivates the interest of the audience which leads to potential growth. Just make a to-do list, that you have to post frequently i.e 4-5 times in a week, to be able to see the results.

Every social media platform needs audience engagement. You can get leads on Instagram by simply responding to the audience. Be a little thoughtful, start replying to the comments, if someone dm’s you, just don’t ignore it (except for the spams). Ask follow-up questions to them, to keep them hooked. Small gestures can lure the masses.

If you don’t have many audiences, seek out similar brands and engage with their audience. Over time, you’ll notice that these people have started following you and before you know it, they’ll become your customers!

Work on Your Hashtag Strategy

Using the right hashtag with the images will help you get more audience as it will constantly pop up on their feeds, which will exponentially grow your account. Try making it more interesting by keeping it related to the post.

hashtag strategy to increase instagram following

3. Engage your audience

It’s very important to keep your audience engaged and captivated. You have to be active all the time and just to manage the time efficiently, you may need a social media manager, who can handle your account effectively.

Go Live on Instagram

Interacting with the audience is the best thing to grab their attention towards your content and to keep them entertained. You can do some Q&A or social contests. Moreover, this feature will help you garner more impromptu responses from the audiences as it’ll notify them as soon as you go live, which will entice them to join.

Post Instagram Stories

This is a nice way to keep your audiences updated and get them through your unfiltered life. From sharing morning selfies to event shows, you can keep them updated about your day. By posting it frequently you’d not only keep them entertained but will also help them know you better.


This is one of the best strategies to grow more followers. Announce a product as your giveaway to your followers, it’s going to attract a crazy number of people which will help you boost your brand. Select a winner in an unbiased way, which will help establish trust between you and your audience.

how to increase instagram traffic

4. Use Influencer Marketing Strategy

This is one of the most efficient digital marketing strategies if used correctly. Start following the influencers who have got a lot of followers and the ones who belong to your niche. Take a closer look at their content and start observing their strategies, set the bar and start following them. Ask the influencers for collaboration: just make sure that their audiences are interested in your content so that they can reach out to you.

instagram influencer marketing to grow followers

You can keep the target audience engaged by going live and posting stories frequently.

You can partner with an influencer for a day and the influencer takes over your account and posts stuff related to your content. The idea is to bring exposure through the influencer’s audience. This is a next-level social media strategy that works even if you don’t have enough audiences and leads. It helps you promote your brand on a large scale.

Have a CTA

CTA stands for Click to Action. It guides the people on what they should do next. You can ask them to buy a product, tease them about your next project, give them a discount code, make them register…the possibilities are endless. This is an effective strategy to catch the audience’s attention. By this, you can gain more followers and likes. Be creative to make the most out of your content.

5. Be Proactive

Just be proactive with your content. Comment, double-tap and repost as much as possible. Be a vigilant and responsive creator. Connect with influencers who have got the followers as much as you or are delivering similar kinds of content. Collaborate with them and tag each other in the photos for mutual benefit.

The Wrap Up

I hope this article helps you promote your Instagram account and grow your following.

What Instagram marketing strategy are you going to implement to boost your presence on Instagram? Tell us in the comments section below!

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Aayushi is a content writer at F and B Recipes. When not writing, she can be found creating a List of Citrus Fruits or coming up with creative Food Blog Names.

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