Best 8 Tips to Become an Executive Pastry Chef

Pastry chef sounds sweet and exciting to use your culinary skills to have a professional career in one of the booming industries when it comes to Dubai. The strong tourism industry and government approach to make it even better backs up the catering and food industry to flourish. When it comes to food and catering, what can be sweeter than a professional pastry chef. Although women take up the job of pastry chef more than men, surveys suggest that 59.3% of the pastry chefs are women, while 37.0% are men. You may find more information about best pastry chef Dubai on various food websites. In the following article, we tried to put some light on how to become an executive pastry chef, the job and responsibilities, the salary to expect and other aspects of the job.

Pastry Chef – The Job Role and Responsibilities

A pastry chef is a professional in the culinary world responsible for making different foods in the kitchen that includes candies, bread, pies, cakes, cookies, various chocolates, cupcakes, and much more. An individual earns the title of pastry chef after having a prolonged experience as a regular working cook or baker in hotels or restaurants. Many of them move forward to achieve executive pastry chef leadership roles due to their exceptional performance and creative job.

The responsibilities of an executive pastry chef might include:

  • Menu creation
  • Coming up with creative ideas for bread and desserts
  • Reinventing old recipes
  • Cake decoration
  • Train new cooks and bakers in the profession
  • Supervising the staff

How to Become an Executive Pastry Chef

The path to becoming an Executive Pastry Chef is challenging. Unfortunately, some get lost in the vast culinary world and fail to achieve their goals due to a lack of proper guidance.

The following tips from the best pastry chef in Dubai, to guide you in the journey of becoming one of them, find more information about best pastry chef Dubai and their trade secrets and techniques.

1. Understand the Job and requirement to take

An Executive Pastry Chef needs to look after the pastry and baking section of the kitchen. The job is very demanding, as it includes many responsibilities like supervising, checking inventory and purchasing the right amount of supplies, testing & developing innovative recipes, and much more. To tackle these, many years of experience are required.

More precisely, 5 years minimum experience is required in relevant areas as an individual contributor; apart from this, 1-3 years of supervisory experience is necessary for the job.

2. Figuring out the area to work in

There are several aspects and areas in pastry making where you gain experience for the role of Executive Pastry Chef. These start from making bread to making toffees and cake art.

In addition, it helps you gain experience as an individual contributor, which is a requirement for the role.  So, take your time to decide which would be the most enjoyable role for you to learn and enjoy regularly.

3. Take up courses in best colleges and universities

Many colleges and universities are offering degrees that will help you achieve the goal of becoming an Executive Pastry chef. If you’re looking for a more hands-on approach to learning about pastry arts, you might consider enrolling in bakery courses. You can choose to attend the best culinary schools and colleges to gain an advantage from the culinary program at these institutions and earn the degree. The associate degree is a two-year program, and a bachelor’s degree can last for three to four years.

4. Find the worth of the job

To take up a role, you need motivation that will drive your efforts towards achieving the goals. As for yourself, the question, “Is becoming an Executive Pastry Chef worth the effort?”

Read books related to pastry making, watch online videos, and visit different forums dedicated to pastry making.  This will help you find the job’s worth, and you can connect with industry experts to take advice.

how to become executive pastry chef

5. Develop the relevant skills

Becoming an Executive Pastry chef requires a set of relevant skills; you can start gaining those skills in the comfort of your home. Join the course and take up jobs to learn critical abilities like customer satisfaction, prepare record keeping and inventory management, knowledge of tools and equipment, preparation & quality check of the food, and much more.

6. Think about the average salary

Apart from job satisfaction, another thing that acts as a driving force for your efforts is the salary figures. On average, an Executive Pastry Chef’s salary ranges from $55,506 to $83,088 in Dubai. The structure changes depending upon the firm’s reputation, the location you work in, job level, the experience you have, education, and skills you possess.

7. Practice in real-world

Practicing in the real world will help you gain experience related to the various situations you might encounter as a chef. In addition, it helps to shape the approach to have varied conditions, including crisis and praise.

8. Explore the career path

If you decide to work in a hotel or restaurant, the first thing to start with is as a cook or baker and work your way to achieve the goal. The path of Executive Pastry Chef gets divided into two different career options; choose wisely.

  1. Regional Chef
  2. Executive Chef


The sweet world of pastries and cakes is a part of the vast culinary universe interesting to explore. Find more information about best pastry chef Dubai and advice from industry experts to guide you in becoming a successful Executive Pastry Chef, serving people, and enjoying your job.

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