New and Future Kitchen Tech Trends

In recent years, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of the appliances around your home have become a lot smarter. First it was our cellphones, then our TVs, and now even our washers and dryers seem to have a mind of their own.

It’s only evitable that these tech trends would soon find a way to be integrated into areas of our lives that have even greater everyday impact, like our kitchens.

Smart Fridges have actually been around for a few years and have created quite a splash. Some of them have display screens that allow us to play music, videos, or leave notes for our loved ones. Others have advanced technology that can actually take inventory of our groceries and let us know what we need — even when we’re already at the store!

But with technology on our minds and in our hands 24/7, it’s amazing to learn what the next big thing in smart appliances will be, and how they’ll shape the future of the tech industry.

1. Smart Oven Hoods

Over the past year, many of us have been spending much more time at home getting creative in the kitchen. If you’ve set off your fire alarm recently, you’ll know that your old school oven hood is a pretty important device.

So how can such an essential tool be improved?

Well, the oven hoods of the future will do a lot more than circulate air (or smoke, depending how attentive you are in the kitchen!).

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Smart oven hoods will feature digital screens that will allow home chefs to access recipes right in front of them, instead of printing them out or reading from a tiny smartphone screen.

Additionally, smart oven hoods will have built-in cameras designed for live streaming your cooking to the masses. With cooking now being a popular genre of online video and live streams all over the world, you can offer your audience a high-definition view of your stovetop and all the magic you’re making.

And while many stoves already feature a pot-filling faucet, this is likely to become the new standard with smart oven hoods. No worrying about spilling a pot of water before you make it to the stovetop, because you’ll be able to fill pots and pans directly from your stove!

2. Smart Scales

As more people than ever are looking to improve their diets and their fitness, food scales are already a hot commodity among the health-conscious.

But smart scales take the usefulness of a food scale and multiply it!

Smart Food Scales will not only help you accurately measure your ingredients, which is most important for baking and following recipes precisely, but they’ll also be able to give you a full nutritional profile of the ingredients you’re weighing!

These scales of the future will connect to healthy living apps that help you track your nutrient and calorie intake. Whatever your health goals, you’ll be able to get there much easier with a smart scale.

3. Steam Ovens

While most of the cooking world are still head over heels for oil-free cooking with an air fryer, there’s another smart way to cook healthier looming over the horizon.

Steaming your food, especially vegetables, is a great way to lock in nutrients that are often cooked out when food is boiled or fried. Additionally, steam doesn’t require the use of oil at all, unless you’re adding a touch for extra flavor.

That’s why steam ovens will be the next air fryer.

You’ll be able to cook healthier foods, in less time, easier than ever with a steam oven. Additionally, they’ll help you prevent cross-contamination and can even be found in countertop varieties that are small in space but big on creating flavor.

The Best Tech for Foodies

As more of these smart devices find their way into our kitchens, cooking will only get healthier, more fun, and much easier.

For more fascinating info about how our kitchens will help us in the years to come, check out this kitchen tech retrospect and more from Hippo. 

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