Why Companies Look For PMP Certification in Project Managers

If not, it’s time to analyze and gear up towards your dream career. If you cracked your PMP certification, it’s well and good. And if you still don’t have your PMP certification as being project manager for five years, you’re making one of the biggest mistakes of your career.

You must think about it immediately and look for how to crack PMP certification.

Because what you’ll hear might blow up your mind thinking about the opportunities you’ve been missing for a long time.

Though it might hurt you, again, it will give you credible information about why you must have your PMP certification and what all benefits it’s going to add to your career.

So let’s dive in and understand four absolute reasons why companies look for PMP certification in project managers.

So Why Was I Talking About The Recent Happenings in The PMP Industries?

Over the past few years, if you look into the job industry reports, you will find many job openings for PMP-certified project managers. And the project managers without PMP certification get lower attention from HRs and companies.

Why? PMP certification speaks for itself; when you have it, you know the skills and techniques to work on projects, stick close to your process, and believe in your outcomes. That’s why you get hired for.

Did you just notice how much weight PMP certification adds to your professional career?

That’s something big you’re missing, and having a PMP certification can give the much-needed acceleration to your career.

Why companies look for PMP certification in project managers

Passing the PMP certification opens many doors and opportunities for you, gets you a 20% hike in your current salary, and your work gets recognized at the international level for your work. The average salary for PMP certified professionals is $120,000, and it was $87,500 back in 2016.

Why companies look for PMP certification in project managers

With the above data, you can imagine the rise in the demand of PMP certification holders and the rise in salary. And there are obvious reasons why you should get PMP certification in the first place.

1. PMP Certification Gets You International Recognition For Your Project Works

PMP certification is the gold standard certification for project managers, and that gives internal recognition from the start and gets you global recognition as the standard for project management leadership.

Let me tell you the difference between PMP certification. Other certifications only focus on one specific domain or geography; PMP works globally, in all locations that open many doors and opportunities. So whatever background you’re in, PMP certification will speak for itself when you add it to your resume.

And the best part with PMP certification is that it lays the foundation of project management and helps you become better at it as time passes by. It even makes up for the lack of experience and gives you a framework for proceeding with the project and making it successful.

2. Companies From Different Sectors Look For PMP-Certified Project Managers To Lead Their Team

If you look for a project management certification that fits all the industries, there is no better certification than PMP, which holds all the highly regulated industries. From financial, healthcare, government compliance regulations, PMP certification has all requirements that enterprises look for.

And another thing is the professionals having PMP certification get high weightage over non-certified project managers for a full-time job or contractual basis because PMP certification validates your dedication to jobs.

That means PMP certification is always more than a bonus that gets you more opportunities to hone your skills and get paid the best salary in the industry.

3. PMP Certification Helps to Predict and Avoid the Risks to the Minimum

Just think about the money and time invested in the project and what happens if that didn’t succeed.

Even if the project gets completed, the problem will be over budget and over time. That’s the difference between non-PMP certified project managers and PMP-certified project managers.

PMP certified project manager

Project managers who have PMP certification know how to lead the team, breaking down the entire project into a small segment and using agile and hybrid methodologies where the risks are minimal but lead to success.

But when a successful project mitigates many risks and avoids sinking funds into the failed tasks.

4. PMP Certification Gives You Framework, Instill The Confidence To Take Calculated Risks

PMP-certified project managers are best known for their work because they have the skills to manage any project successfully. Therefore, if you have a PMP certification, people will consider you as someone in the very top position in the project management field.

As PMP focuses more on Agile methodologies, the chances of project failure are less. Even your certification closes more deals and gives a competitive advantage to the top of the business.

benefits of PMP certified project manager

Thus, when a client or company hears that PMP-certified experts will manage their project, they boost confidence that they will run smoothly through expert hands.

Final Words

This blog is full of insights about the recent happenings in the PMP industries and why you should consider PMP certification. The demand for PMP-certified project managers is sky-high, as PMP certification speaks for itself that you know the best of what you know and have the potential to manage any project successfully.

And if you’re not certified yet, what great opportunities you’re missing, along with four absolute reasons why companies look for PMP-certified project managers to have them in their team and what difference they bring to the projects to make it successful.

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