Energy Saving Tips for Small Businesses

Living in a time of climate change calls for a new energy usage strategy. Running a business is a big responsibility, but when you have numerous employees and all of you want to contribute to saving energy, it becomes easier. The challenge will look less demanding if you join forces and start coming up with options to save energy. Need some help? Check out the following energy saving tips that every small business should bear in mind.

Work on laptops

Are you still using desktop computers at your office? Not only do they eat energy in abundance, but they also cramp the workspace. Consider selling desktop computers to invest in a more energy-friendly alternative such as laptops.

Once charged, laptops can use their battery power for up to eight hours. For newer models, it can take as little as 90 minutes to charge to 100%, so you can spend practically an entire working day without using electricity to work.

Go for solar power

What power source do you use to heat and cool down the office and run your business? Have you considered installing solar panels?

solar energy

If your business facility is located at the optimal sun-exposed site, installing solar panels is your next step toward saving energy. Harnessing the power of the sun is the future, and you should embrace it before others to start setting trends in your business. You can also check out the current energy rates in texas to see how switching to solar energy sources can affect your business expenses.

Switch to energy-efficient lighting

Lighting in commercial premises accounts for up to 40% of energy usage. Instead of stocking up on cheap lights, you’ll need to change your strategy. Standard bulbs need more energy to power, which is why LED lights are an energy-friendlier option. Not only do LED lights save energy, but they last longer than standard bulbs too.

If you’re not confident about changing the lights on your own, or you’d like to install new lighting fixtures first, hire a professional to do the work. Hiring experts in electrical work such as KTM Solutions will also be smart if you need old fixtures checked and inspected for potential malfunctions.

Cut phantom power

Did you know that keeping the devices plugged into electricity still eats the power even if they’re not turned on? That’s called phantom energy, and it adds up to your electricity bill quickly if you don’t do something about it. So, if you have electronic devices lying around and not being used regularly, unplug them until you need to use them again.

Do it every day before you leave the office to make sure all the electronics are safe, in case a storm hits in the middle of the night. You never know if they will get struck by lighting or suffer unexpected damage.

Check insulation

Having proper insulation ensures you don’t have to overuse your heating and cooling devices throughout the year. Have you been having the AC on constantly during summer? Is it taking forever for the office to heat up during colder weather? If so, your insulation probably needs updating.

energy saving tips that every small business should follow

You’ll want to check your windows for any cracks too, and potentially replace them. Don’t let the heat escape in winter, but seal any cracks you spot in the structure. Large office spaces without enough furniture will also feel colder than normal, so consider introducing carpets and more office furniture to fill the voids.

Final thoughts

Saving energy will cut the bill costs and help the place at the same time. Use our guide to think of more ideas about saving energy and make sure you’re on the right track with your strategy. Check windows and doors for cracks, update lights, work on portable devices and consider using solar power to make the most of your business energy and save money in the long run.

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