2 Elements to Integrate into Smart Packaging

The world is progressing at an incredible speed, and the time is gone when the standard packaging could make an impact. It is time we also make our packaging smart. It fashionably increases your brand value and reduces the environmental footprint of your business.

This article talks about the factors that help you achieve smart packaging. It is a new thing in the industry and having an immense impact on the concerned businesses currently.

The New Face of Packaging Industry

Packaging that has multifarious qualities, which makes it intelligent, is known as smart packaging. It comes with improved functionalities and utilizes modern tools to provide a wholesome experience to the user.

Many packaging companies are using technology to make the boxes more secure and attractive. You can personalize the customer experience effortlessly with interactive boxes.

There are actually two sorts of smart packaging:

  1. Active
  2. Intelligent

Let’s learn about these two before delving into their advantages:

The Active Packaging

This type exists in the food packaging industry. It is crafted in a manner that communicates with the customer about the product packed inside. It enhances the shelf life of the goods while preserving the food quality, saving against several tampering elements, namely moisture, humidity, dirt, and more.

It can also be manufactured to add or emit particular substances into and from the medium.

This type of smart packaging uses light filtering materials, such as

  • Oxygen
  • Ethylene absorbers
  • Antimicrobial surface coatings
  • Moisture-regulating materials

For instance, your beer bottles come in plastic packaging that often has an oxygen absorber inside its screw cap. It is helpful in increasing the shelf life of the product while keeping the packaging smart.

Active packaging is useful for edible items and can add value to your brand without damaging the appearance or features of your boxes.

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The Intelligent Packaging

It can also be used in the food packaging industry or others to ensure quality for customers. It also deals with the surroundings to make the packaging intelligent. You can have custom boxes at wholesale because it is an eco-friendly material that can be recycled and reused, leaving a strong impression on customers.

intelligent packaging

Moreover, you can incorporate indicators, diagnostic functions, and sensors into the packaging to make it intelligent. For instance, packaging for medicines can have built-in RFID chips, LEDs, or even speakers that notify about the pill dosage and more.

It is feasible for both retailers and buyers to share real-time details about the item and problems like leakage, bacteria, and others.

We are well-informed about the type of smart packaging. It is time we explore two about its integration.

1. Connected Packaging

By its name, it is obvious that it is mainly used to interact with consumers. People can use mobile phones to activate them with a code. It can be used to share exclusive information about the offered item. It could be how to use it, why to use it, the features, and everything else.

smart food packaging

You can make use of conductive ink on cards to make people easily access your website. People can type the URL on any device and touch the connected card to make it happen.

It is an effective method to increase the value of your product and brand.

2. QR Codes Integration

We can see how the world is compressing everything and making it easier for people. With the help of dynamic QR codes, you can make your packaging quite smart. It gives a better insight into the product and brand with easy access.

It has been seen that it is pretty influential in satisfying customers and arresting their loyalties.

It is a process to offer transparency to the people as they can easily scan the QR code to learn about the exclusive content. It is also impactful in manufacturing and supply chain methods to supervise the overall progress. You can optimize the experience by monitoring all the gathered data.

You do not have to cover the boxes with a plethora of information, whereas a QR code can save so much space and make it look organized. You can use the saved area to create an ethereal unboxing experience for the user.

The Bottom Line

In summary, it can be seen in this article that smart packaging is the change you need in your brand. By involving advanced tech, you can become the pioneer of effective and revolutionary packaging approaches.

With its advent, you can create opportunities for various businesses to produce immersive, genuine, and interactive boxes that conform to a customer’s needs. Make your packaging smart with QR codes, connected devices, and more to excel in your respective industry. There are far more smart integrations but we brought these two because these are gaining popularity and actually add value to the product.

If our readers have any ideas or feedback regarding more thoughtful and intelligent features, let us know.

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