How to Create the Perfect Packaging for Medical Products?

A pharmaceutical company needs to have the perfect medical packaging for its pharmaceutical products. Therefore, it is imperative that they are aware of the dos and don’ts when it comes to pharmaceutical product packaging.

They also need to know how custom printed boxes can help with pharmaceutical packaging. This blog post will explain all of this in detail, so be sure not to miss out!

What is Pharmaceutical Packaging?

Pharmaceutical packaging refers to the pharmaceutical company’s need for quality, effective and safe pharmaceutical products. Pharmaceutical companies are responsible for creating high-quality pharmaceuticals that comply with all FDA regulations.

This includes selecting a suitable pharmaceutical product packaging as well as ensuring that it is properly labeled in order to prevent any mistakes and confusion during the distribution of their pharmaceutical products.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Medical Packaging

The dos and don’ts of medical packaging start with picking an appropriate pharmaceutical product package design because they can make your project either look professional or end up looking like any other food item on store shelves. So what not to do? First, avoid using graphics that may wrongly imply safety claims and may cause legal problems for your company.

Dos for Pharmaceutical Packaging

When it comes to pharmaceutical packaging, there are a few dos you should follow when designing your product. For example:

1. Pay Attention to the Drug Name and Strength

It is important to pay attention to the pharmaceutical product name and strength when designing your pharmaceutical packaging. You will need to use a larger font size so that people can easily read it from across the room, or even if they are just walking down the store aisle.

The name should be unique a clear so the consumer may not confuse in picking the right product. In addition, it is recommended to print the product name on both sides of the packaging box, so people can easily recognize your goods from a distance.

Moreover, it also means transporting the products because you can properly store the products because the packaging tells that which side of the box should be directed upwards and vice versa.

2. Use Appropriate Graphic Symbols

You should use appropriate pharmaceutical, graphic symbols to show that a pharmaceutical package contains an over-the-counter or prescription drug. This way, people will know what they are buying! For example: include the symbol of a crossed syringe with an X on it next to your product’s name and strength.

3. Focus on Labeling

Pharmaceuticals are shipped in different packages. Usually, pharmaceutical companies use bottles or other containers to package the products they produce. They also create boxes and cartons for shipping purposes. Therefore, the pharmaceutical company should consider design aspects like labeling on the container and safety when it comes to packing their goods.

4. Including Any Cautions or Warnings

It is important to include any warnings or cautions on the pharmaceutical packaging. Warnings should be placed in a place that will stand out and not get overlooked by anyone handling it, which could lead to serious consequences for those who are using the product.

If you’re printing custom labels, please take into consideration safety when designing your label with things like warning text such as “Keep away from children,” close attention to the size of the font; if certain information needs larger type (e.g., instructions), this can easily be achieved by an increasing point size or line spacing.

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5. You Should Tell Customers If It Requires Refrigeration?

If you want pharmaceutical products to be stored at cool temperatures, make sure customers know this by adding symbols like an ice pack icon to show refrigerated medication. This is important because most drug companies have strict quality control guidelines for storing medications correctly.

6. Do Make Sure the Package Is Clear and Visible on A Shelf

Customers want to know what’s inside the package, so make sure it is clear and visible on a shelf. It doesn’t matter if you use see-through plastic or cardboard; just be consistent with your packaging style. Don’t add distracting graphics that will take away from your pharmaceutical products’ branding because customers won’t like them at all.

Do Make Sure the Package is Tamper-Evident?

Pharmaceutical packaging should also include tamper-evidence features because pharmaceutical products are often susceptible to tampering. Customers will know that your pharmaceutical packaging is tamper-evident, so they won’t think about opening it and taking something out without paying for it.

And if someone does try to open the package, he or she would have a difficult time doing so because pharmaceutical packages need to be sealed tightly with a special tape that will not allow him to temper the packaging.

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Don’ts of Packaging Medical Products

While producing pharmaceutical packaging, you need to ensure some don’ts in the packaging; by not doing so, it will cause serious legal problems for your company. So, the don’ts are:

1. Don’t Use Bright Colors as Backgrounds When Designing Your Package

Avoid using bright colors as backgrounds in your pharmaceutical package design designs because the FDA has banned pharmaceutical companies from using colors that are considered to have a negative effect on children.

2. Don’t Create A Package That Looks Like A Child’s Toy

The FDA warns pharmaceutical packaging designers not to create packages for drugs or medications that look like toys because it can be seen as irresponsible marketing of unsafe products.

3. Don’t Use Comic Sans as The Font for Your Packaging Design

The FDA does not recommend using either comic sans or cursive font in pharmaceutical package design, but any other typeface is acceptable. However, if you’re considering this doesn’t, then do research into what fonts would work best with your product branding and target market first!

4. Don’t Use Glossy Packaging for Your Medical Product

The healthcare world is serious business, so stay away from glossy packaging for your medical products. Instead, you want to use matte or textured materials that will give the brand a more professional look, but it will just increase your costs and will no benefit to your business.

Where to Get A Quality Pharmaceutical Packaging?

Many companies in the market are making advantageous packaging boxes for your business. Stampa Prints is one of the reliable packaging sources for your business. So, focus on these dos and don’ts of pharmaceutical packaging and place your order to your packaging supplier now!

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