Is Standing Desk Good for You?

We, humans, are built to move. We had pairs of legs and hands, and so, not using it much for a day, or let’s say a week, will attract harm to your body. So, for individuals who spend most of their time sitting at a desk, typing over and over again on their keyboards. The body may warn you by piling up on your sedentary habits.

Studies have found that when people spend their hours sitting, it increases their risk of getting some illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and, most commonly, obesity. In fact, even if you are to ask the people who have a gym routine, it is more painful for the body to skip an exercise.

This is due to the fact that numerous studies have demonstrated that maintaining a high level of physical activity during the day can have beneficial effects on one’s health. But because you can’t constantly move, particularly when you have work, a standing desk becomes an alternate answer because it requires you to stand while you are doing your activities, leaving you less comfortable but more active than sitting.

Benefits of Standing Desk

Consider purchasing a standing desk if you have the means to do so, or look for activities that may be performed while having to stand, such as conversing on the cellphone or reviewing hard copy reports. You should position your filing cabinet on the opposite side of the table so that reaching it requires you to make a trip. Cycle between sitting up straight at your workstation hourly if you have one that allows you to do so. Mobility is your best protection for a sitting job!

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Benefits of Standing Desk for You

1. It may improve calorie burning

Standing still uses more energy than sitting. Sitting consumes 60-130 fewer calories an hour than moving. Time can also add up over time. Standing in the workplace changes your mentality, which burns calories. In a sense, standing puts people in “health mode.” You’ll move around much more. Do some squats and lunges, lunges, or jumping jacks. These small changes boost calorie burn while working.

2. It helps to boost your energy

In the 53 research conducted by UK researchers, owning a standing desk promoted workers to invest additional time on their feet. Speaking of studies, if you’re looking for a research paper, check this website. More than half of UK workers felt extra active, and 87% feel more energetic after standing for 60 minutes. The results were so valuable that they started to get staff members moving. Small motions and busy times help you stay alert. “Focusing on the feet” engages you. Incorporating standing breaks into your workplace might boost your enthusiasm and passion.

3. It brings your posture back to normal

Using an adaptive standing desk helps improve computer balance. Your screen should be 20 inches away from your face, also tilted 20 degrees, and your hands must be 100 degrees at your side. The weight should move among the legs and wrists. Stance consistently makes good posture natural and easy but doesn’t compress your back as sitting can. Sitting for long durations can cause pain in your shoulder, back, and neck pain.

health benefits of standing desk

4. It helps the blood circulation

Human evolution designed our muscles to move. Standing strengthens thigh muscles, stability, and center. Blood may pool in the legs when people are sitting for an extended period of time. It can contribute to a pulmonary embolism. Hence, whenever we stand, our body moves, and blood circulates. In several research, long-term sitters had shorter lifespans due to poor heart health. Healthy people stand frequently.

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