Data Science Courses for Beginners

Data science is the heart’s favorite choice because those working in this field grow more from the last century, and there are plenty of more chances to make a bright future in the area. You might be impressed by one of your data scientist friends who is living a luxurious life. Now you want to step into this overwhelming field and want to learn data science. But you are confused about choosing the course. You have come to the right place because all your confusion will be deferred here.

This article will find some introductory courses that you need to learn about data science as a beginner. Let’s dive into them.

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Data Science Courses for Beginners

If you learn the following courses, you can quickly move into the field and get an impressive job. Being a beginner, you have searched on the internet and have found a long list of courses. Forget all these. Just focused on the ones discussed in the article and followed the schedule, you will surely end up with success and start your career without any hurdle.

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  1. Data Science with Python

In this course, you will learn the basic concepts of python for data science. It will include all the steps like data collection, visualization, and analysis tools. You will have excellent programming skills as well as theory.

If you are passionate and curious to learn machine learning flow, you should indeed enroll in this course that the University of Michigan offers. There will be many assignments through which your understanding is tested to ensure that what has been taught has reached success in your brain. Enroll yourself today and open the ways of knowledge to you.

  1. Statistics with Python

You cannot deny the importance of statistics in data science, you might need it initially, and you can skip it, but when you have to go deep in the field, you will regret it because it has its value in the area.

You might face difficulty at the start of learning statistics, but when you take an interest, then you can quickly learn it. There are many exercises and case studies that enhance your experience.

  1. Machine Learning by Andrew Ng

This single course consists of a vast amount of learning material. Most of the expert data scientists have known it and made themselves proficient in the data science field. It uses Matlab for the assignments, but you can also use it with python from YouTube. When you learn it, you will feel yourself able for data science and machine learning.

data science for beginners

  1. Basics of SQL for Data Science

SQL is the language of data that most people ignore. But this is used intensely in your everyday job. When you need to work on big data, you need SQL skills to handle this data and get critical insight. This course will teach you the direct job of the data scientist.

Wrapping Up

Learning the discussed courses will make you able to start your path in data science. Python is the core part when working with any data, but SQL and machine learning are required to work with a massive amount of data. But all the courses have great importance to begin a path towards data science.

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